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can't decide on a combination!

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SevernTrentWater Mon 10-Aug-09 18:30:25

ah! meant to be registering the birth tomorrow and don't have a name sorted! i want something unusual but for various reasons i feel like i must use Sophia...which i never realised was popular as it wasn't when it became significant to me! it's very meanngful to her father and i. I wish i could change it later on if i realised i'd made a mistake!! The phoenix bit is also significant as she was born after a death. However she looks like a

choices are...
Sophia Phoenix
Sophia Alexis Phoenix
Sophia Anastasia Phoenix
Willow Sophia
Phoenix Sophia
Sophia Willow

I'm presuming that any combo of Sophia Willow and Phoenix will sound ridiculously hippie, lol

I also like Arielle and Auriel so i'm just toyally confused really and quite peed off - i have to register asap because i want my maternity grant lol.

MaggieBelleVirgo Mon 10-Aug-09 18:34:09

Sophia Phoenix - F sounds run into eachother
Sophia Alexis Phoenix - A sounds run into eachother
Sophia Anastasia Phoenix - splutter. What a mouthful. I'd be embarrassed telling the rest of the class my two over the top middle names!!
Willow Sophia - nice, this works. not a huge fan of willow but this name does work.
Phoenix Sophia - ok if phoenix is to your taste. I don't like the name, but as a combo, it works. I prefer phoebe sophia
Sophia Willow - this works.

sophia willow that's the one. That's the one that walks off the page iyswim.

JeMeSouviens Mon 10-Aug-09 18:35:59

I really like Sophia Willow

Anastasia means resurrection, so you could use Sophia Anastasia (also like this) and drop the Phoenix. If you want other names that mean rebirth instead of Phoenix, you could try Renata or Renee.

JeMeSouviens Mon 10-Aug-09 18:36:48

Sophia Renee sounds quite pretty for instance

screamingabdab Mon 10-Aug-09 18:37:19

I think using Phoenix is a really lovely idea.

My much-loved granny, died age 97 a couple of years ago, and a week later my friend named her daughter (co-incidentally), by the same name, Connie. It felt fitting that a new life should follow a death

Sorry, I digress

Why do you feel you HAVE to use Sophia (I think it's a really nice name, BTW). If you don't really love it, though, I'd say you'd regret using it .....

LynetteScavo Mon 10-Aug-09 18:42:18

Which name do you like best?
Use that first.

Willow Sophia Phoenix.

MIAonline Mon 10-Aug-09 18:43:53

From you list I prefer Sophia Willow, but I also like JeMe's suggestion of Sophia Renee.

audley Mon 10-Aug-09 20:01:27

I like Willow Sophia the best

choosyfloosy Mon 10-Aug-09 20:10:49

Sophia is a beautiful name - Sophia Willow is a lovely combination. I've never liked Phoenix as a name but that's only my opinion.

boodleboot Mon 10-Aug-09 20:18:05

sophia willow is nicest

notsoteenagemum Mon 10-Aug-09 20:28:24

Out of all the names given I like
Sophia Anastasia Willow.
I think Sophia Willow is nice but it needs something else and as Anastasia means ressurection it has the significance you wanted from Phoenix.
I have three names and really wish I'd given my dc three now as well.

LynetteScavo Wed 12-Aug-09 00:52:41

Personally I would go for Anastasia Sophia Phoenix,

What have you decided?

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