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What sort of people do these names make you think of? Do you like them?

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BottySpottom Thu 06-Aug-09 22:00:03

Also, how popular do you think the names are?

Frederick (Freddie)
Jonathan (Jonnie)

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?)

Francesca (Frankie)
Fenella (Nell)
Kezia (Kizzy)
Beatrice (Bea)
Katherine (Katie)

Thank you!

MIAonline Thu 06-Aug-09 22:07:08

Frederick (Freddie) Cheeky boy, don't like it and hs become quite popular recently
Jonathan (Jonnie) Rugby?! Don't like it
Joseph Quiet, sensible, like it. less around than I would think, but still too popular for my liking
Monty Bookish, posh
Oliver/Ollie normal but nice
Benjamin nice but fairly normal
Joshua too everywhere to comment

Francesca (Frankie) Feisty but fun girl
Fenella (Nell) Quirky, like nn but not full name
Kezia (Kizzy) Really don't know about this one
Beatrice (Bea) bossy girl, like it but think it is going to be very popualr
Katherine (Katie) Nice girl, popular name

screamingabdab Fri 07-Aug-09 09:57:44

These are the ones I have a strong opinion on :

Jonathan - a bit of a "busy" name. John is much better, more masculine. Jonnie is vile and posh

Joseph/Joe - great, works for a bot and a man

Monty - really hate it (sorry). Posh. Uncle Monty, or a character from a picture book

Oliver - nice, solid. Again, works for a boy and man

Benjamin/Joshua - both good names

Francesca - feminine but not too girly. Works for a girl and woman - top choice

Fenella - I think she sounds like a bitch (sorry, sorry)

Katherine - good name, Kate is nice too, but Katie is a bit twee (sorry, sorry, sorry)

screamingabdab Fri 07-Aug-09 09:58:26

Boy, not Bot (!)

alardi Fri 07-Aug-09 19:49:39

None of the girl names are popular.
Every Katie I know is short for Caitlin.
Monty, Jonathan and Frederick are not popular.
Other boy names are moderately popular.
To me, none of the names sound chav in bad taste.
Keziah (that's spelling I know) and Fenella both sound made up. Not that I mind made up, personally. Monty sounds like it ought to be short for something (but evidently isn't).
Benjamin and Joshua are boring and uninspired (imho, I have one DS with boring and uninspired name, btw, at least everyone knows how to spell it).

I like Joseph and Francesca best, personally.

pamelat Fri 07-Aug-09 20:28:54

Frederick (Freddie) - this is ok
Jonathan (Jonnie) - I like this
Joseph - over used
Monty - awful.
Oliver/Ollie - really like this.
Benjamin - lovely lovely name
Joshua - nice name

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?)

Francesca (Frankie) - love it
Fenella (Nell) - like Nell, hate Fenela
Kezia (Kizzy) - never heard of this
Beatrice (Bea) - bit princess
Katherine (Katie) - like it, prefer Kate.

CloudDragon Fri 07-Aug-09 20:40:08

Frederick (Freddie) - Poshand a bit thick
Jonathan (Jonnie) -Jonnie, bit of a jack the lad
Joseph - good name
Monty - bit of a try hard
Oliver/Ollie- fun and sound
Benjamin -bunny, not really lovely name
Joshua - can't bear it, sounds like some one trying to be posh or are posh and rubbing your nose in it

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?)

Francesca (Frankie) - lovely name
Fenella (Nell) - love nell, fennella sounds like fennel gone wrong or Finola with a lisp
Kezia (Kizzy)- don't like, though i know two it always sounds made up.
Beatrice (Bea)- quite posh but surprised how much I like it.
Katherine (Katie)

bebesequin Fri 07-Aug-09 20:42:53

Love all the boys names not chavy at all -not too keen on Kezia pronounciation might be an issue my SIL is Frances but in 20 years I have never heard her called anything but Frankie I like Nell and Bea but not the full names! Aren't we odd? Kate is ageless but Katie is pretty popular-

RortyDogOfTheRemove Fri 07-Aug-09 20:50:32

Joshua is chavvy (sorry). Joseph is very, very popular, and I think Freddie is becoming over-popular too. Monty is good. I'd give Kezia a miss altogether.

loobylu3 Fri 07-Aug-09 21:05:44

I'm really amazed the Joshua and Benjamin might be considered chavvy! I don't see how classic, widely used names could be 'chavvy'. They are v popular though, as is Oliver. Joseph and Freedie popular but a little less so. My personal favourite is Joseph.
None of the girl's names are v popular, although I think Beatrice will become more so. I like Katherine and Kate (but not Katie), Beatrice and Francesca.

mummygobrumbrum Fri 07-Aug-09 21:22:51

Frederick - Frog, sausage fingered bloke
Jonathan - Jonnie awful, slimey. Jonty nice.
Joseph - boring
Monty - dogs name, nickname.
Oliver/Ollie - ten a penny
Benjamin - ten a penny also
Joshua - yes 'chavvy'

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?)

Francesca - not my cup of tea.
Fenella - undecided
Kezia - bit lowbrow, chav
Beatrice - was posh classic, now more popular classic
Katherine - know dozens of these, all ages, classless

MaggieBeauVirgo Fri 07-Aug-09 21:37:20

Frederick (Freddie) - like it. Know a couple, certainly not ubiquitous.
Jonathan (Jonnie) like this one.
Joseph - alright but does nothing for me.
Monty - no. Prefer JOnty as a similar nn but short for Jonathan.
Oliver/Ollie - no too feminine and 'weak'
Benjamin - ok, bit dull, but you can't go wrong in life with a name like ben.
Joshua - ok. was super trendy about 15 years ago.

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?)

Francesca (Frankie) no. HORRIBLE
Fenella (Nell) - no. Nell is ok, but as a nn for somehting else.
Kezia (Kizzy) - ok, a little bit chavvy-sounding amongst the rest of your list, although I do quite like it and I know it's a bible name.
Beatrice (Bea) - love it. Bibi also gorgeous
Katherine (Katie) - ok but dull.

What about Juliet, Jemima (sister of Kesia in the bible)

waitingforbedtime Fri 07-Aug-09 21:44:27

Frederick (Freddie)- quite like Freddie but v popular I think. Makes me think of quiet kid.
Jonathan (Jonnie) dont like that spelling of Johnny. Erm, dont know what 'type' of kid sorry.
Joseph nice, v popular. normal kid.
Monty dont like it. snobbish parents (sorry!!!)
Oliver/Ollie love it, very popular and quite 'playful' but traditional.
Benjamin fairly popular as Ben, quite plain but nice
Joshua v popular.

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?)- no dont hink so, Johnny might be though!?

Francesca (Frankie)not v popular but nice, happy go lucky name
Fenella (Nell) LOVE Nell, never heard of Fenella before
Kezia (Kizzy)Not very popular, know a Kizzy - she is lovely, popular, pretty etc
Beatrice (Bea)pos getting popular
Katherine (Katie) v popular

Sorry dont know if Ive really answered your question as to what 'type' of people I think of.

MollieO Fri 07-Aug-09 21:50:16

I like Frederick and Kate.

Funny reading comments of my son's name, Ollie - a feisty and fab 5 yr old grin. Despite it being a popular name he was the only Ollie at nursery, he is the only Ollie in his year at school and he is the only Ollie we know.

jellybeans Fri 07-Aug-09 22:26:39

Jonathan (Jonnie) BORING
Joseph NICE
Joshua PLAIN

I find it's mostly older mums who use old fashioned names.

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?)

Francesca (Frankie) TRYING TO BE DIFFERENT, OK
Beatrice (Bea) AWFUL, POSH,
Katherine (Katie) DULL

cthea Fri 07-Aug-09 22:53:39

I like the boys' names, apart from Monty (no!no!no!) and not too keen on Joshua.

I love Francesca (Frankie, Beatrice (Bea)
Katherine (Katie). Not Fenella (but Nell is fine) and not Kezia (Kizzy).

LittleMissWorryHead Sat 08-Aug-09 13:13:15

Benjamin chavvy?! How?!

bronze Sat 08-Aug-09 13:16:14

Frederick (Freddie)normal but a bit posh
Jonathan (Jonnie) lovely (my dad)
Joseph just an average Joe
Monty ponce
Oliver/Ollie slightly posh side of normal
Benjamin a normal guy
Joshua a normal guy

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?) NO

Francesca (Frankie) normal
Fenella (Nell) poncy
Kezia (Kizzy) funky
Beatrice (Bea) posh
Katherine (Katie) normal

KingRolo Sat 08-Aug-09 13:19:00

Like Joseph and Oliver (because they are musicals?!)

Really don't like Monty at all.

Like Frankie and Katie.

Don't like Fenella but do like Nell.

differentID Sat 08-Aug-09 13:32:44

Frederick- really like it. Fun and maybe a leader of a group than a follower
Jonathan- again, like it but I know a lot of men my own age named Jonathan.
Joseph- it's ok, but feels like a name that's been "settled" on as a compromise. Most of the Josephs I know are wicked. The other is a very quiet little boy
Monty- not so keen. Surname needs to be very run of the mill to get away with it imo.
Oliver/Ollie- Too many Ollie's about
Benjamin- Like Benjamin, but too many Ben's.
Joshua- Not keen

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?)

Francesca- like very much, but prefer Frances
Fenella- trying too hard, name of a "Queen Bee" type
Kezia- Have always adored this name.
Beatrice- Like it very much, Beatrice's seem like great fun to be around
Katherine- I like the name, but my judgement is clouded on the spelling because I was bullied by a Katherine and my sister was as well. Not bothered by other spellings of the name like Kathryn, Catherine, Catheryn, etc.

differentID Sat 08-Aug-09 13:35:50

oops forgot to say, are the bottom two boys names chavvy? No, but I think they are over used.

MaybeAfterBreakfast Sat 08-Aug-09 13:50:02

Freddie - twinkle in his eye, popular chap (very hard to be dispassionate about this one as I know a lot of lovely Freddies, and have a lovely dog with said name).

Jonathan - pleasant but dull

Joseph - quite like. A maverick.

Monty - like it. Imagine him reading classics at university. Mad hair.

Oliver, Ben, Joshua bit chavvy imho (going on ones I know).

Francesca, Katherine, Beatrice. All lovely names.
Don't like the other 2. They sound made up, even if they're not.

piquantglass Sat 08-Aug-09 16:38:28

Frederick - all fredericks are fat
Jonathan - ok Johnnie - NO
Joseph - nice popular
Monty - pretentious, aspirational, poncey parents
Oliver/Ollie - ok
Benjamin - ubiquitous
Joshua - also ubiquitous

(are those bottom two a bit 'chavvy' now?) NO!!

Francesca - ok, frankie and fran awful
Fenella (Nell - posh
Kezia (Kizzy) - CHAV!
Beatrice (Bea)- Cell block H, not posh
Katherine (Katie) - dull

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