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Did you see this article on the BBC about baby names?

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arolf Thu 06-Aug-09 16:32:59


we're not telling anyone in real life what names we've chosen, in case they don't suit the baby, but other people I know announced names and sex of baby at 20 weeks. It's funny how it can be seen as a bit 'taboo' to announce the name early though!

pedalmonster Thu 06-Aug-09 18:30:26

I think people don't tell people their "chosen names" because people feel like it is their right to comment and gasp in horror. If the baby hasnt been born yet it is more usual for people to go "oh no, thats a terrible name... i was at school with a John and he was an idiot..." etc, where as once the baby has been born it is different. You dont say to someone - ooh your baby is very cute but why did you give him such a terrible name.

So I think that is partly why - along with your reason, that the baby may not suit the names you previously chose, and you want to have a look at the little face before you anounce it...
BTW if I had announced the names we had chosen previously they would have all changed by the time DS arrived - as it was, he was nameless for 4 days while we argued...

jujubean Thu 06-Aug-09 21:06:30

I don't tell people the names we have chosen because then I can't get upset if someone 'steals' my names before baby is born. How can they if they don't know them. They just chose them too because they also love them, which is nice.
Also everyone has an opinion about names and to be honest I don't really care what anyone else thinks so don't want to get into those conversations.
Yes, I am a complete control freak nut job when it comes to names.
Also I really like the whole 'birth announcement' when baby is born, its such a great surprise when my friend's have thier babies.

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