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So I finally got the name I wanted... and that MNs loved :-)

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Jackaroo Thu 06-Aug-09 05:08:03

I was on here a few months ago with the name Leo; DH vetoed it, and was suggesting lots of names that just wouldn't do smile

Finally, we sat down on our anniversary in a restaurant and made a physical list of names neither of us hated, and ones which one of us disliked. The latter was a very long list.

DH had no real reasons for not liking Leo, just wasn't sure. I was gettin really cross, and finally, when the lovely charming waiter came over I told him what we were doing and asked what his name was. "Leonardo" made my day.....

Anyway, 1 week before Leo was born DH had an about-turn.

I've just looked it up in the MN oracle and it's got universal approval - so despite havinga crap day with my 6 week old, I'm very happy! Thanks MNs, you are all SO wise (and how come none of you immediately thought of Leo Sayer like DH?? hmm)

ZacharyQuack Thu 06-Aug-09 05:40:26

None of us are as old as your DH [grin.] Nor do we have such crap taste in music.

Congratulations! Leo is a great name.

screamingabdab Thu 06-Aug-09 09:40:55

Congrats. I love Leo too. Nice strong name

RedDeadFail Thu 06-Aug-09 09:44:50

Me and at least one other MNer used to have a crush on Leo Sayer. It's the hair y'see. C'mon TillyScoutsMum where are you? I hear Leo I think Leo Sayer. Or occasionally Leo the Lion.

I love the name Leonardo. Likewise Leo, good strong name.


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