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If your DCs names had a 'theme' would you feel obliged to stick to it?

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Ceolas Sun 02-Aug-09 21:03:10

All four of my children have biblical names. Sort of by design but all names we both love.

Now we are expecting DC5 in a fortnight and have chosen a biblical boy's name but can't seem to agree on a girl's one. Somehow I feel obliged but I'm not sure if DC5 would feel 'left out' if her name were not from the Bible.

Is it just pregnancy hormeones going mad? blush

hester Sun 02-Aug-09 21:05:27

I would probably feel obliged to disrupt the theme, but that's just my problem with themed family names grin

I can't imagine DC5 would feel left out by having a slightly different kind of name. Just go for the name you love!

cookielove Sun 02-Aug-09 21:08:26

i know of siblings two are themed the last not even close to theme she seems not to care whatsoever

mavornia Sun 02-Aug-09 21:26:45

mmm - biblical names aren't necessarily as obvious as, say, flower or nature themed names so I might be inclined to go for another biblical name in case she did wonder why hers was different from the others

i love for baby name ideas - here is a link to their biblical girls' names

mavornia Sun 02-Aug-09 21:28:11

I love Abigail, Tabitha and Eden - and I don't think they scream "bible name" in the same way that Mary or Martha might

Bellsa Sun 02-Aug-09 21:30:01

Only please don't call her Abishag. Biblical and beautiful though it may be.

Ceolas Sun 02-Aug-09 21:38:12

All the others are 'classic' names and not immediately obvious as biblical names.

From the Bible, I like Naomi. DH likes Miriam. I think these are more obviously 'biblical'. He hates Naomi, but I'm not 100% opposed to Miriam. Just not a name I immediately love. We are both lukewarm on Ruth.

Non biblical contenders are Eleanor, Alice and Norah...

Bellsa Sun 02-Aug-09 21:44:28

I LOVE Naomi-good thing as it's my niece's name! Not keen on Miriam. And isn't Eleanor biblical?

Ceolas Sun 02-Aug-09 21:48:29

His problem with Naomi is it tends to be pronounced Ny-omi around these parts, rather than Nay-omi, as I prefer.

Don't think Eleanor is biblical...

Tillyscoutsmum Sun 02-Aug-09 21:49:20

I suppose it depends on how obviously biblical your other dc's names are ? Joseph, Adam, Matthew, Luke, Jacob, Joshua, Gabriel, Zachary for example are popular names without being immediately obvious as biblical names iyswim ? Elijah, Ezekial, Abraham and Noah are a bit more obvious imho

I like Alice on your list. I like Mary, Eve and Martha as biblical girl's names

Bellsa Sun 02-Aug-09 21:50:34

Mary Eve and Martha are all lovely.

Bellsa Sun 02-Aug-09 21:52:31

I'm wrong about Eleanor. Am a muppet. Just sounds as if it should be biblical iyswim?

nkf Sun 02-Aug-09 21:52:46

Elizabeth is biblical. Also: Sarah, Hannah, Ruth, Rebekah Jessica, Rachel and Susannah. Some sound more biblical than others to me.

Ceolas Sun 02-Aug-09 21:54:44

Martha we have!

DH has vetoed Eve.

I'm not sure about Mary. I like Maria, but there's another in the family.

The other 3 DCs are plain, ordinary names and not immediately recognisable as from the Bible.

I also like Elizabeth, but again DH has said no. Unfortunately he's a teacher and lots of names trigger bad memories!

thatsnotmymonster Sun 02-Aug-09 21:54:50

I like Tabitha, Miriam, Naomi, Hannah

Jude (biblical boy's name for a girl?)

PinkyMinxy Sun 02-Aug-09 21:57:18

My DC e my two DDs middle names all have latin names but it's not an obvious theme, I don't think.

Religious names tend also to be classic names for particular cultures, so it wouldn't seem contrived I don't think.

Mary and Martha and I think they are lovely- I only didn't use themas first names as friend's DDs already had them.

PinkyMinxy Sun 02-Aug-09 21:59:10

oops don't know what happened there- it should read Martha and Mary are my DDs middle names and I think they are lovely...

Tommy Sun 02-Aug-09 22:06:30

DS3 was going to be Lydia - NT name which I think is lovely
There's also Esther, Ruth, Salome, Joanna, Madeleine (variation on Magdalene), Susannah, Deborah - loads of beautiful names smile

We have an OT name for DS1 and a NT name for DS2. A third was going to be early church(we got a bit keen on the "theme" here grin) but we had a miscarriage and didn't want to use the same name again so DS3 is named after a modern saint - so there is a theme but it needs explaining a bit sometimes grin

maggievirgo Sun 02-Aug-09 22:29:42

Love Naomi, Lydia, Jemima, Susannah, Keziah. I also like Miriam and ruth but as middle names.

I would probably just keep looking in the bible, there has got to be a name in there!

maggievirgo Sun 02-Aug-09 22:30:26

Eve, Martha and Rachel all lovely too.

georgimama Sun 02-Aug-09 22:31:32

Sarah is a Biblical name but no one ever thinks of it as such. There are loads and loads.

cookielove Sun 02-Aug-09 22:47:55

Sarah is a lovely, beautiful, and wonderful name

sweetkitty Sun 02-Aug-09 22:59:42

My three DDs all have biblical names two OT, one NT not deliberately more we liked and name and looked up the meaning.

I know one of your DDs names, same as one of DD3's middle names lovely. What about, Sarah, Hannah, Leah, Rachel, Rebecca, Esther, Abigail, Bethany, Elizabeth, Phoebe, Ruth?

violethill Sun 02-Aug-09 23:00:09

I would go with the theme.

I just get the feeling if you have four Biblical and one non-Biblical, it will always grate slightly with you.

FWIW, my dcs all have a 'link' with their names, and it would have felt odd to suddenly drop the link with one.

violethill Sun 02-Aug-09 23:02:11

Sweetkitty - mine are Biblical too and I agree about the meanings! There are some beautiful ones there. Just beware of Rebecca (means 'a noose') and Leah (cow!)

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