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James - too popular?

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naturelover Sun 02-Aug-09 12:35:57

DH and I love the name James.

What has put me off so far is the idea that it's in the top 10 so I'm concerned that he would be one of several boys named James in his class/school - which I'm keen to avoid.

That said, I haven't met a single James for years... so how popular is it really? Have you come across many baby James recently?

PS our second choice is Christian which is much further down the list for popularity.

LyraSilvertongue Sun 02-Aug-09 12:36:56

Popular but classic.
Yes, he's likely to be one of at least two in his class. But does that matter?

pasturesnew Sun 02-Aug-09 12:37:00

Not met many baby Jameses recently, love the name.

barbie1 Sun 02-Aug-09 12:41:41

dh is called James and i love it wink

I think you are more likely to come across jacob etc in class than a James....

LyraSilvertongue Sun 02-Aug-09 12:49:55

I wanted to call DS1 James but DP said he'd probably call him Jimmy, which I hate.

QueenEagle Sun 02-Aug-09 12:52:33

Everyone said my James would end being called Jamie which I didn't want. We have always referred to him as James and it would sound weird calling him Jamie or Jimmy. ds3 had trouble pronouncing his name when he was tiny and called him Jay-Jay which has kinda stuck but it seems to suit him.

He will be known by whatever you decide (until they get to teenage years and then you're stuffed)!!

LovelyTinOfSpam Sun 02-Aug-09 13:06:26

DH is James. I call him Jim, his friends call him Jimbo grin, his mum calls him jamie.

Good classic name with lots of abbreviations, and TBH I'm not sure about this abbreviation stuff anyway. People call you what they are told your name is. If you always call him james, so will everyone else.

PS have a 2yo and newborn and not come across a single baby james. All oscars and jacobs round these parts.

MarshaBrady Sun 02-Aug-09 13:12:54

One of ds' friends is James.

I really like it, plus prefer James to any nick names.

No one calls this James anything else, I think it can be done.

LovelyTinOfSpam Sun 02-Aug-09 13:16:54

Meant to say that everyone else calls him James!!!

jkklpu Sun 02-Aug-09 21:13:40

great name - go for it
I know only 1 James in a nursery of 45 and any other children, though lots in my family >30yo

mavornia Sun 02-Aug-09 21:22:47

I love it - it might be popular but that's because it's classic, timeless, strong - the name of kings! It was one of my choices for ds2 (who is now Roman) - you can't go wrong with it

Stinkyfeet Sun 02-Aug-09 21:25:20

Lovely name. There's only 1 James in ds1's year of 90 children, and we've only met other child-James in the last 6 years.

Stinkyfeet Sun 02-Aug-09 21:25:48

Sorry, only met 1 other ...

Ninni Mon 03-Aug-09 15:17:39

Best name, my son's! We thought too it was going to be super common but it's not! THere is noone else in hos age group at nursery called James (3-4). I think a lot of people have it as second name and it's therefore so high on the lists. Obviously it isn't uncommon but every other boy is not called it!

naturelover Mon 03-Aug-09 16:01:54

Thanks everyone for your messages. That's encouraging to think that schools are not flooded with boys named James.

I think you're right Ninni, it's a popular middle name so that's why it's on the lists.

I think we'll go with James after all.

Of course, we might have a girl! We have a firm favourite for a girl so at least that decision is made.

StinkyFart Mon 03-Aug-09 16:16:45

James is a fab name

go for it

StinkyFart Mon 03-Aug-09 16:17:40

oooh oooh tell us your girl name


simplesusan Mon 03-Aug-09 16:24:12

James is popular as it is a .........cannot think of the know a name that is never in or out of fashion.

What I mean is a James could be 100 years old or 1year old iykwim so a good name.

teamcullen Mon 03-Aug-09 16:26:13

my middle DC is called James. Its my favorite name. (ha ha I dont tell the other 2 DCs that)

There where 3 James' in his class when he started in foundation but now he is the only one left.

By the way he has the most beatiful temperament as well. Dont know if that has anything to do with his name, but Ive never met a horrible James.

Plus the nursery where I work, 50+ children, we havent got any James'.

Fillyjonk Mon 03-Aug-09 16:29:18

if you love the name use it

it is popular because lots of people like it

having an unusual name is seriously over rated IMO, believe me, as the holder of an unusual name. Kids do seem to LIKE having the same name as other kids.

Also, re Christian, one thing is I would assume someone called Christian WAS Christians, iykwim. Just to bear in mind if you're not.

teamcullen Mon 03-Aug-09 16:30:36

simplesusan... is timeless the word your looking for?

Fillyjonk Mon 03-Aug-09 16:33:46

oh also, even names in the top 10 are not THAT popular. Its not like in his class there will be 10 Jameses and then a Rupert, an Oscar and an Albert. There might be 5 or 6 in the SCHOOL.

simplesusan Mon 03-Aug-09 16:40:17

Thank you Teamcullen- timeless, I think I have spent too much time on MN today and need a break!

noonar Mon 03-Aug-09 16:58:03

i've been teaching for 14 years and have only ever taught 1 james.

noonar Mon 03-Aug-09 16:59:34

however, i will have 3 joshuas in my class in sept.

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