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I am everlastingly grateful that my mum was prevented from calling me...

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GrendelsMum Thu 23-Jul-09 19:58:44


Really. I don't like the name she did give me, but at least once a week I think 'this job would be so much harder if my name was Rainbow'. (Though perhaps it would have given me a tougher personality?)

Is anyone else pleased to have missed out on a name?

Caveat to all Rainbows / mums of Rainbows on here - I'm sure you / your daughter will love it.

Hassled Thu 23-Jul-09 20:04:00

I was nearly Elspeth. And for years I thought "thank God I wasn't Elspeth." Now I really like the name, more so than my own. But at least I'm not Rainbow.

PuppyMonkey Thu 23-Jul-09 20:04:59

It might have made you more interesting.

Not that you're boring!! grin It just might have given you a different, more exciting character.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 23-Jul-09 20:12:38

Tell that to my friend Tuesday (no seriously, I think her parents were drunk for much of the 60s!)

TrillianslebAstra Thu 23-Jul-09 20:18:35

Daisy May.

I'm just not a Daisy. Or maybe if I were Daisy I'd be all sweetness and light and giggly. I still woulnd't be blonde though.

LaTrucha Thu 23-Jul-09 20:20:42

Candace here. Phew!

RealityIsGettingMarried Thu 23-Jul-09 20:22:54

Message withdrawn

Stannie Thu 23-Jul-09 20:27:45

Candida ...

She blames the hormomes.. She wanted to be able to call me Candi shock

usernametaken Thu 23-Jul-09 20:30:41

My dad wanted Hermione or Hepzibah for me and Jasper for my brother. My mother put her foot down and thankfully saw through his hormonal whims.

girlandboy Thu 23-Jul-09 20:32:10


Thank goodness I was a girl.

Bellsa Thu 23-Jul-09 20:32:45

Jemima. My Dad talked (some) sense into her.

MrsMattie Thu 23-Jul-09 21:16:38

I was almost Angharad. Thank fuck.

DjangoTheDjinn Thu 23-Jul-09 21:20:52

I like all of these names.

I would have been Flora if my Mum had chosen which is fine.

Dad chose and I'm named after a Beach Boys' song. Everybody sings it to me. It stopped being funny in 1985.

MamaHobgoblin Thu 23-Jul-09 22:04:06

I was nearly Matthew. Wouldn't have suited me. wink

Ewe Thu 23-Jul-09 22:08:14

I was almost a Raquel.

FaintlyMacabre Thu 23-Jul-09 22:11:29

Cressaid. Not even Cressida. Luckily my Mum put her foot down.

funnypeculiar Thu 23-Jul-09 22:12:48

Thankfully my Dad was over-ruled before I became Drosophila (latin name for those little fruit flies)
<wipes brow>

RoseBlossoms Thu 23-Jul-09 22:14:24


hester Thu 23-Jul-09 22:17:17

I was almost Hedwig [shudder]. It is a family name, but that's really no excuse.

I was convinced I would win this thread, but I think funnypeculiar has got first prize.

Stannie, I know somebody (yes ok, she is family) called Candida Piel.

Wheelybug Thu 23-Jul-09 22:17:58

I was almost Angharad. Quite a nice name but given my surname was impronouncable/spellable and I was in England it would have been a nightmare.

Wheelybug Thu 23-Jul-09 22:18:45

oh didn't see your post MrsMattie - snap !

funnypeculiar Thu 23-Jul-09 22:24:01

Dunno, Hedwig is pretty bad....

hester Thu 23-Jul-09 23:01:40

grin If I told you my surname, you'd know just how bad...

bettythebuilder Thu 23-Jul-09 23:06:12

if I was a boy, Dad wanted to call me Roger. Bearing in mind my maiden name was Moor, t'would not have been good.

JodieO Thu 23-Jul-09 23:08:57

If someone didn't like their name they can always change it, no big deal really. I was called Johanna Faith for a couple of months and had a birth certificate saying it, my mum then changed my name to what it is now.

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