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Which of these girls names do you prefer?

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idreamofbeanie Thu 23-Jul-09 10:10:14


DP and I have both made a long list of all the girls names we like/could live with and we only have 3 in common - Caitlyn, Jessica and Hayley. Caitlyn is our favourite at the moment (DD would probably be Caitlyn Abigail Smith) but my niece's name is Kayla and I don't know if the 2 names are a bit similar. We have both liked Caitlyn for a while so I have mentioned it to DB and SIL as well as GPs and none of them think it will be strange having 2 similar names in the family but I'm not sure.

I'd appreciate any opinions on the names - we have looked at so many recently I've gone a bit numb and don't trust my own judgement anymore wink. Only 31 weeks today so still plenty time to change our minds but i think people (mainly DP and my dad) are getting used to thinking of her as Caitlyn (poor LO if sonographer was wrong and she turns out to be a boy!).

Also how would you spell our first choice - Caitlin, Caitlyn, Catelyn, Kaitlyn or Kaitlin? I think using a C makes it a bit more different to Kayla.


TheProfiteroleThief Thu 23-Jul-09 10:11:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

savoycabbage Thu 23-Jul-09 10:13:29


VinegarTits Thu 23-Jul-09 10:13:45

I dont think Caitlyn and Kayla are that similar, i thought Kayla was short for Michaela ?

peanutbutterkid Thu 23-Jul-09 10:14:31

The Caitlin I know (I prefer that spelling) is called Katie for short.
I prefer Catherine to Caitlin, mind. The others are all fine, though Jessica is a bit over-popular.

myredcardigan Thu 23-Jul-09 10:14:33

I would spell it Caitlin but I have seen your spelling before.

If that is the name you absolutely love then go for it. Don't be put off by her cousin having a similar name. I have two first cousins with exactly the same name as me and that was never a problem. I think we try to take too much ownership over names these days. You will regret it if you compromise on the name you really want. smile

Glynne Thu 23-Jul-09 10:15:01

I'd spell it Caitlin and I think it's lovely.

The best from yourlist and not a problem with kayla.

DebiNewberry Thu 23-Jul-09 10:15:17

I would spell it Caitlin, and prob use Kitty as a nn

I don't think Caitlin is sim to Kayla at all, you should be fine.

Also like Jessica. Jess is lovely, and I like Jessamy too.

myredcardigan Thu 23-Jul-09 10:16:26

You could shorten it to Cait like the Caitlin I work with.

myredcardigan Thu 23-Jul-09 10:17:02

Sorry about the bad grammar there. smile

idreamofbeanie Thu 23-Jul-09 10:22:42

Thanks for all the replies,

I love both Jessica and Abigail for a first name but DP doesn't like Abigail and thinks Jessica is okay - he could live with it but isn't really keen. Caitlin is the only one we both really like so I'm glad no-one thinks it will be a problem with Kayla. BTW Caitlin is my preferred spelling too but I saw Caitlyn in a book and thought I'd try it out.

DebiNewberry Thu 23-Jul-09 10:24:06

It's pretty, good choice smile

jellybeans Thu 23-Jul-09 12:02:43

Caitlyn, Jessica and Hayley are all nice. My favourite is Hayley as it's more unusual and very pretty.

The ones I know of are spelt Caitlin which is my fave spelling but if you like Kate for short, Katelyn is OK.

I don't think it is too simelar to Kayla at all.

MamaLazarou Thu 23-Jul-09 12:08:24

I do not like Caitlin at all, for reasons I have exhaustively explained on other threads.

Jessica is a lovely name.

RachieB Thu 23-Jul-09 23:43:32

Def the Caitlin spelling NN Cait / Caitie

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