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Initials of preferred names spell W.A.R, although surname is M so W.A.R.M...what do you think?

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hellomc Wed 22-Jul-09 11:58:47

is this an issue, or quite funky?

Cies Wed 22-Jul-09 12:10:22

I don't think it's an issue at all.

MamaLazarou Wed 22-Jul-09 12:10:46

Me neither.

Grammaticus Wed 22-Jul-09 12:11:58

I do - don't do it!

wifeofdoom Wed 22-Jul-09 12:14:29

Swap the two middle names round?

VAB Wed 22-Jul-09 13:15:33

Thinking about it too much - when do you write your FULL initials in day to day life?!

skidoodle Wed 22-Jul-09 13:16:27

not an issue. it's not like they spell SHIT or something actually embarrassing.

Bleatblurt Wed 22-Jul-09 13:16:52

I don't think it's an issue.

VinegarTits Wed 22-Jul-09 13:21:02

Why is it an issue? surley his intials will be WM? nobody ever uses middles names in initials do they?

my ds1's intials are P.R.A.M i have never had to use his full initals, nor has he, in 20 yrs

hellomc Wed 22-Jul-09 14:37:29

thanks all -

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