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Oh God, I have the same taste in baby names as Jeremy Kyle

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expertinscunthorpe Sat 18-Jul-09 16:39:36

Ava (pre Myleene Klass), Alice and Henry were all on my list. His other daughter is Harriet apparently but I'm not so keen on that.

What does this say about me, I wonder.

pagwatch Sat 18-Jul-09 16:43:50

As long as you don't shout "yes or no , madam" at them when you are cross then it says absoloutely nothing about you?

janeite Sat 18-Jul-09 16:51:11

I have an Alice and wanted a Harriet (dp said 'no') so I appear to be joining you on this. I have no idea who Jeremy Kyle is though.

eandh Sat 18-Jul-09 16:52:23

I have a Hattie Alice!!

Didnt have Henry as a contender for boys name though (other dd is Ellie Pippa)

Frasersmum123 Sat 18-Jul-09 20:30:30

I wanted Harriet Alice :0

MadEyeballsMoody Sat 18-Jul-09 20:31:37

Oh God, I have a Harriet!

JemL Wed 22-Jul-09 11:21:26

Comfort yourself with the thought that he probably didn't choose the name and that his partner is (miraculously) lovely with great taste (in baby names, if not in men...!)

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