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emmmerson Tue 14-Jul-09 13:14:25

Sorry it's not a more exciting name for you to critique.
This is our top contender for a girl. Do you think is overused, falling out of fashion, or do you think it is a classic?
I know it is pretty safe but would like opinions all the same.

Heebychick Tue 14-Jul-09 13:18:00

I love it, my baby is due tomorrow and this was top of our list for ages. Although i have been put off by some people due to it being so popular.

But hey what's the worst that can happen, they'll be a few in her class at school?

My thoughts are no one really bats an eyelid at how many 'Jo's, Sarah's, Jenny's' there are around now as adults.

We are now debating Daisy Grace instead.

MarthaFarquhar Tue 14-Jul-09 13:24:31

Lovely, very classic. Very popular as a middle name round my neck of the words, but I don't know any children with this as their first name.

I would hesitate before using it though, as I think it's lovely for a little gamine girl, but would be less of a good fit on a Valkyrie like myself (or my DD).

seeker Tue 14-Jul-09 13:29:20

My dd is Grace - it was unusual 13 years ago!

She loves her name. She uses Gray as a shortening sometimes which I didn't expect. We call her Gracie or G. Little brother calls her DacieDooDa!

minouminou Tue 14-Jul-09 13:36:55

Yeah, it's safe, but if you like it, go for it.

seeker Tue 14-Jul-09 13:38:02

If you're making a choice about something that is going to have a direct impact on someone who has no say in the matter, then safe is good!

gder Tue 14-Jul-09 13:41:08

I am 35 and my name is Grace. I love it as an adult and I think it is equally lovely for a little girl. I am also a teacher and there are not too many about.

Go for it. It is a lovely name.

Hope all goes well

Andthentherewerethree Tue 14-Jul-09 13:46:20

i think its a very pretty name. top of my list for dd1 were grace and freya, but dh didn;t like them.

i have met lots of freyas in toddler group and pre school but no grace's yet.

hana Tue 14-Jul-09 13:54:46

grace is a v pretty name, but it's v common here (west london). I know a good handful of under 3s called Grace.

JumeirahJane Tue 14-Jul-09 14:02:44

popular names are usually popular for a good reason smile

Frasersmum123 Tue 14-Jul-09 14:04:08

It was my top pick for DD but DH wasnt so keen so now it is her middle name and I still love it. Its lovely and i think its quite classic, not something that will go out of fashion.

Pyrocanthus Tue 14-Jul-09 14:05:15

Beautiful. I know one or two, but it's not overused.

PestoMonster Tue 14-Jul-09 14:07:58

Cute but overdone

Blondie79 Tue 14-Jul-09 14:16:26

My DD (5) is Gracie. I still love her name now as does she.

seeker Tue 14-Jul-09 14:17:54

I don't think Grace is cute at all - I hate "cute' names. I think it's elegant and beautiful!

mumblechum Tue 14-Jul-09 14:19:25

I think it's lovely and won't go out of fashion as it's a classic.

GooseyLoosey Tue 14-Jul-09 14:19:44

It is dd's middle name so I like it, but there are 2 in ds's class alone. That said, not sure I know too many baby Graces at the moment.

jellybeans Tue 14-Jul-09 16:29:36

I know loads, it is very very popular. But it's a nice enough name.

KERALA1 Tue 14-Jul-09 20:33:18

Nice but lots of them

NintyZelda Tue 14-Jul-09 20:37:42

Beautiful name, but lots around my end (East Yorkshire) I would of had it for DD but Dh wasn't so keen

pluto Tue 14-Jul-09 20:54:09

An elegant classic - as long as she's not dyspraxic!

madlentileater Tue 14-Jul-09 21:01:04

dd says
it kicks ass
(tis her middle name)
I agree!

MamaLazarou Wed 15-Jul-09 08:46:07

Too overused, IMO. And what if she doesn't grow up to be at all graceful?

liliputlady Wed 15-Jul-09 09:18:39

A beautiful name. We thought about it for DD2 but didn't go for it in the end. As it happened she's a complete rough and tumble tomboy and not a Grace at all. I think it would only suit a particular type of girl as others have said. May be safer to use it as a middle name.

qumquat Wed 15-Jul-09 14:59:39

Grace doesn't mean graceful, it means gracious, as in God's Grace. I think it's a fab name! But I disagree that it won't go out of fashion, it was completely off the wall in the 70s/80s and I'm sure will be again some day! (not a reason not to pick it though!)

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