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Which girls name do you prefer?

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allaboutme Tue 14-Jul-09 10:45:18

and which goes best with Oliver and Edward (Teddy)

Harriet (Hattie)
Philippa (Pippa)
Kathryn (Kitty)


thell Tue 14-Jul-09 10:47:05

Harriet / Hattie is my favourite

cazzybabs Tue 14-Jul-09 10:49:48

I have an isabelle but I love all your names...i think my fav is hattie

jellybeans Tue 14-Jul-09 10:54:10

I like Phillipa and Isobel (prefer Isabelle). Phillipa is more unusual so if it were me, I would go for that! It's a great name. I'm not keen on Harriet as all the ones I know get 'Harry' at some point.

Mammina Tue 14-Jul-09 11:00:16


Fimbo Tue 14-Jul-09 11:02:30


Mamazon Tue 14-Jul-09 11:12:24

i like them all.
think Harriet would be my favourate though

Tommy Tue 14-Jul-09 11:14:13

I like all of them but I don't like that way of spelling Kathryn grin

My fave is Philippa

MadameCastafiore Tue 14-Jul-09 11:14:13

Harriet - nut then I am biased as we have a Harriet.

SHe is only called Harry by one of my friend's little boys - everyone else calls her Harriet.

mel1981 Tue 14-Jul-09 11:19:15

Kathryn/kitty or phillipa/pippa would be my choices

mrswoolf Tue 14-Jul-09 11:25:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LouMacca Tue 14-Jul-09 11:55:11

Agree with mrswoolf. Prefer Katherine. Think Kitty is pretty.

Like Harriet and Isobel too but not keen on Philippa.

loobylu3 Tue 14-Jul-09 12:11:50

I like them in this order:
Isobel (beautiful)
Katherine or Catherine (don't like the other spelling either)
Harriet (nice)
Phillipa (okay)

Greensleeves Tue 14-Jul-09 12:12:54

I like all of them

EyeballsintheSky Tue 14-Jul-09 12:13:43

Harriet definitely the best

I have a Harriet....

allaboutme Tue 14-Jul-09 12:14:24

Kathryn is the only way I've ever known it spelt. Its a bit hard to get my head around the other spellings, like they are a bit Leesa instead of Lisa iyswim
Obviously I have seen and heard the other spellings but friends and people in the family with the name have all been Kathryn.

Isobel would have to be spelt Isobel too (for my own reasons!)

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 14-Jul-09 12:15:45

I really like Philippa. That is a very unusual, without being wacky name in this day and age, and the shortened version Pippa is lovely too.

Hattie reminds me of Hattie Jacques (Matron from Carry On films). I also don't like Harriet, prefer Henrietta.

Like Kitty however I do not like the spelling Kathryn - Katharine is nicer imho.

Really do not like Isobel or any variations thereof, there are loads of babies and children around called Isobel/Isabella, and you will always have questions re the spelling.

Fimbo Tue 14-Jul-09 12:16:46

Kathryn has lots of different spellings. My cousin is Kathryn yet my gran who she was named after was Catherine.

There is also Katharine and Katherine.

SarahL2 Tue 14-Jul-09 12:20:32

I've been considering Catherine as a potential name for our imminent DC2...

Definitely should be C/Katherine not C/Katharine though else she'll never have anyone spell it right!!

Greensleeves Tue 14-Jul-09 12:21:04

I do prefer Catherine and Katherine for spelling

mumwhereareyou Tue 14-Jul-09 12:23:27

Philippa is my fav and is my sisters name, she was always called Philippa and is only now that she is in her 30s , that we abbreviate it to Pips.

I also like Harriet and would have called if i had any birth daughters that.

Not too keen on the others sorry.

Tortington Tue 14-Jul-09 12:24:39






you don't chose what their friends call them

emmmerson Tue 14-Jul-09 12:26:28

I prefer traditional spellings and like Katherine/Kitty best. Should be spelled this way.

Kathryn is a modern contraction of Katherine.

Isobel is nice.

Fimbo Tue 14-Jul-09 12:26:41

ROFL at Custy! grin

So agree, my ds has a four letter name and it gets lengthened! You can't win.

allaboutme Tue 14-Jul-09 12:59:52

That would discount harriet then as have a boy Harry in the family already and couldnt have two!

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