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FreshScent Sun 12-Jul-09 12:07:18

What do you think of Levi for a boy?

skihorse Sun 12-Jul-09 12:43:31

Want to know how "common" this name is? At least once a week there's a thread here on Levi... should be easy enough to find some opinions if you scroll down about 15 threads.

kimanaaaaaaaaaaan Sun 12-Jul-09 12:45:14

How is this pronounced?

janeite Sun 12-Jul-09 12:57:50

I don't like it, sorry. And the Levis that I have taught have all tended towards the 'lazy boy' side of the educational spectrum.

janeite Sun 12-Jul-09 12:58:37

Disclaimer - That was a gross generalisation based on my knowledge of three Levis. I am sure there are plenty of university professors named Levi too!

kimanaaaaaaaaaaan Sun 12-Jul-09 12:58:42

Which names perform well in the educatioal spectrum janeite? grin

HairyMuff Sun 12-Jul-09 13:00:30

We have a Levi at our school and he's the coolest kid there.

bubblagirl Sun 12-Jul-09 13:06:45

there was the hottest boy at school called levi think the name is fab thought he was too lol

janeite Sun 12-Jul-09 13:14:15

Kima (just worked out your name btw) - our school is multi-ethnic, so v hard to generalise! Tariq, Majid, Carl and Mohammed were the boys who performed best in the last few years.

HollyBunda Sun 12-Jul-09 15:31:16

we have a Levi at school and he's a PITA.

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