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Siblings with the same initials?

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Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 08-Jul-09 23:18:51

We're expecting dd3 in September and have a couple of names we like but one is the same initial as dd1 and the other the same as dd2. Do you think it matters? They also have the same family middle name so they would have exactly the same initials if we used either name.

FAQinglovely Wed 08-Jul-09 23:22:09

initials for my DS;s are


so no I don't think it matters if first name initials are the same grin

FAQinglovely Wed 08-Jul-09 23:22:44

ahh just seen the fact that they'd have the same middle initial I wouldn't do that - too confuseing for post etc - especially as they get older

QueenofSpleen Wed 08-Jul-09 23:23:14

my pa has cousins where the dad is called Martin, his wife is Marie, thier four boys are, Malcolm, Michael, Maurice and (little) Martin; they also have two daughters who they called Michelle and Susan. Why would you do that, you, your wife and 5 kids bames begin with M and then the youngest comes along and you call her Susan.

As for your baby, it won't be a problem so long as you make sure the middle initals are different.

RustyBear Wed 08-Jul-09 23:25:23

Saves on name labels....

Well, that was the excuse MIL gave for giving DH & SIL the same initials (actually SIL has one extra on the end, but she doesn't use it often)

The only time it's been a problem was when they both booked driving tests at the same time & were only given one appointment (the DVLC banked both cheques though!)

Might be a bit more of a problem with 2 girls, as they'd both be Miss X Babylon, but it wouldn't enough to put me off if I liked the name enough.

Kazzi79 Wed 08-Jul-09 23:29:43

All my 3 have middle names beginning with J.......not purposely, it just seemed to happen with my first 2 Kyle Jordan and Liam Joshua then when I got pregnant for a 3rd time my nana told me I had to keep up the J tradition so Yasmin Jade it was

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