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boodleboot Thu 02-Jul-09 09:30:31

what do you lot think of this name? My DH quite likes the idea of a little girl called Davinia as he is called David....

i'm divided and can't quite imagine a child with this name?

bellissima Thu 02-Jul-09 11:28:14

Sounds like the registrar slipped up in spelling Lavinia. Or for some reason I'm thinking of furniture - divans, that's it. (what is a divan?). Spose she could be 'Divine Davinia'!

Firawla Thu 02-Jul-09 11:39:20

I really dislike it, if he is set on it cos he wants to have a version of his own name, could you persuade him to make it as the middle name as that seems better, then you could pick a first name you really love

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 02-Jul-09 11:42:25

I would do it as long as you're prepared for your daughter to be called Dave by her schoolfriends grin

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