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What comes to mind when you hear these names

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ladybirdwonder Sat 20-Jun-09 00:47:22

I won't be offended. I would just like to know first and honest impressions of these names.


P eter

Niecie Sat 20-Jun-09 00:57:26

Freya - Norse goddess (Don't know if it is) I like it - was on our list once upon a time.
Isabel - One of my favs. High on my list had I ever had a daughter.
Summer - A bit hippy dippy and trying to be trendy.
Iris - Old lady name. Not keen on the flowers either.
Kitty - Name of a cat.
Rose - My middle name - I am biased. Nice!
Faye - Don't know why but I think it is a bit wet.
Esther - Rantzen. Sorry can't get passed that. Old testament and old fashioned (even if it isn't)
Jemima - Puddleduck. I think ducks or Play School dolls. Not keen.

Ralph - Slightly effeminate
Thomas - Nice name but too common
Finlay - Really like it - a man's name
P eter - Ordinary.
Zachary - Prefer Zac but really nice.
Freddie - No. Chocolate frogs or Kruger. Either not good. A bit public school twit.
Ellis - Could be a girls name confusing
Conal - Really nice.
Rory - I like it too.
Ezra - Not keen. Possibly a bit too American as in more widely used there than in the UK.

lowrib Sat 20-Jun-09 01:30:26

Freya - DP really liked this. I liked it but I think too many about these days (had a DS in the end!)

Isabel - nice, Izzy's nice too
Summer - Dawn's baby on Eastenders (but no one will remember that in the future!)
Iris - old lady but nice!
Kitty - OK
Rose - a bit too popular as a middle name (along with Grace)
Faye - not really my cup of tea
Esther - yup, like Esther
Jemima - playschool / puddluduck

Ralph - posh boy
Thomas - lovely name. Will probably use it as 'sensible' middle name if we have another DS
Finlay - Absoutely love the name Finn - BUT it is VERY popular. If you don't mind popular, go for it!
Peter - bit boring
Zachary - Great name
Freddie - yup, good name
Ellis - Great name
Conal - like it
Rory - like it
Ezra - love it but I know it as a girls name

Pingpong Sat 20-Jun-09 10:22:55

Isabel - like it
Summer - not so keen
Iris - not keen
Kitty - OK as nn for Katherine
Rose - like it
Faye - bit limp/wishy washy
Esther - once you get over Esther Rantzen it's lovely.
Jemima - Like it

Ralph - posh boy
Thomas - Lovely sensible name which is currently very popular.
Finlay - biased as I have a family member with that name (way way before it was popular) but I still really like it
Peter - Lovely sensible name - don't see/hear of many young ones around now.
Zachary - Not keen
Freddie - posh boy
Ellis - Not keen
Conal - like it
Rory - really like it or Ruaridh
Ezra - not keen

Kayzr Sat 20-Jun-09 10:26:13

Freya - okish
Isabel - Love it
Summer - nice but silly if born in winter
Iris- old lady
Kitty- nice
Rose- love it
Faye- nice
Esther- ok
Jemima- puddleduck(sorry)

Ralph- don't like it
Thomas- love it
Finlay- nice
Peter- don't like it
Zachary- love it
Freddie- Great!! My DS1, not posh or public school twit!!
Ellis- not sure
Conal- not sure
Rory- love it
Ezra - okish

Pingpong Sat 20-Jun-09 10:26:37

sorry I cut and paste and missed Freya - very pretty but kind of like Finlay it has suddenly (from nowhere) got really popular. I had a very popular name in the 70s and that wouldn't put me off using a currently popular name.

stroppyknickers Sat 20-Jun-09 10:29:01

Ralph is from Forever...grin

TotallyAndUtterlyPaninied Sat 20-Jun-09 10:30:44

Freya and Isabel for a girl, Finlay and Ellis for a boy. The rest are old-people names.

lockets Sat 20-Jun-09 10:31:38

Message withdrawn

beanieb Sat 20-Jun-09 10:36:37

Freya - Sendible and sturdy, Also makes me think Donna Air.
Isabel - France. Prickly, boarding school
Summer - Hippy shild
Iris - Flower, I love this name.
Kitty - Makes me think of a friend I have
Rose - old lady, boring middle name
Faye - thickset sturdy old bag
Esther - Ransom
Jemima - Puddleduck

Ralph - Facial hair
Thomas - just plain
Finlay - Quaye
Peter - pan
Zachary - hippy
Freddie - halfwit
Ellis - Welsh
Conal - Irish
Rory - scottish
Ezra - pound

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sat 20-Jun-09 10:41:46

ralph - being sick (talking to ralph) have no idea where it comes from!

pasturesnew Sat 20-Jun-09 10:46:57

Freya - Norse goddess or 90s trendy baby name, also think of Donna Air. Perfectly nice connotations though and it's a nice name.
Isabel - love it but loads round here
Summer - the OC but actually I do like this name
Iris - love it, flowers, eyes, Iris Murdoch, rainbows
Kitty - nice but personal pref wd go for Catherine and use this as nn
Rose - v nice but quite a few round here these days
Faye - quite like it, I wonder if this is coming back, my DH is more fashionable than me and really loves this name atm
Esther - biblical, sturdy, old-fashioned
Jemima - nice except for "Aunt Jemima"

Ralph - nice but I don't like
Thomas - love this name
Finlay - the fire engine
Peter - good name
Zachary - good name
Freddie - good name but too many around nowadays and for some reason I always think 1st of that burglar Tony Martin killed in Norfolk
Ellis - makes me think of Ellis Peters who wrote Brother Cadfael so I am not sure if it might be a girl's name, she was a lady but I don't know if it was a pseudonym.
Conal - is this an Irish name? Sounds nice.
Rory - Bremner, perfectly nice
Ezra - Pound, rather right-wing I'm afraid

MrsSeanBean Sat 20-Jun-09 10:51:51

Right - have not looked at anyone else's posts so as to give you my undiluted opinion! (So apologies if I'm repeating anyone...)

Here goes:
Freya - slender well mannered girl, strawberry blonde hair
Isabel - girl next door with aspirational but nice parents
Summer - hippy-ish
Iris - bookworm with glasses, will grow ointo a stunning tall young woman
Kitty - <love love love this name!> Cute curly haired, adorable 4 year old, will do well, possibly in law
Rose - a nice middle aged lady
Faye - nothing comesa to mind with this one
Esther - religious, earnest girl
Jemima - naughty, flirty, well educated

Ralph - boring but basically 'nice'
Thomas - ditto
Finlay - a bit ordinary (sorry!)
P eter - blonde floppy hair, public school possibly
Zachary - Rough, bit agressive, unsure of the achground
Freddie - nice, well brought up boy, curly longish hair, freckles
Ellis - (don't go there, sorry!)
Conal - see above
Rory - a good looking chap, dark hair, well educated, possibly military.


19fran76 Sat 20-Jun-09 10:53:01

Freya - Popular, don't like.
Isabel - Overexposed.
Summer - Terrible, bland.
Iris - Sadie Frosts' DD & the ecstasy tablet incident. (Unfortunate as I like the name itself very much)
Kitty - Twee
Rose - My Nannas' name.
Faye - Bitch (bully at school had this name).
Esther - I like the name, shame that thoughts of Rantzen interfere with it's full enjoyment.
Jemima - Yuck.

Ralph - Forever, Judy Blume
Thomas - Unremarkable
Finlay - Popular but I do like Finn for a boy very much.
Peter - As per Thomas
Zachary - Corny.
Freddie - Prefer Fred. Fred is cool.
Ellis - Effeminate
Conal - Don't like.
Rory - Fantastic name, love it.
Ezra - Good choice.

MrsSeanBean Sat 20-Jun-09 10:53:23

Ooh I missed Ezra - sorry - possibly the male equivalent of Iris...?

And the word by Zachary should read 'background'!)

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Sat 20-Jun-09 10:57:54

Freya - pretty
Isabel - lovely but spell it the traditional way PLEASE
Summer - not my cup of tea
Iris - pretty
Kitty - cute as a nickname but would start off with Katherine and shorten it.
Rose - lovely
Faye - Lovely
Esther - rantzen
Jemima - puddleduck but still like it.

Ralph - no
Thomas - traditional, bit boring, safe
Finlay - ok
P eter - not sure
Zachary - like it
Freddie - like it
Ellis - no
Conal - no
Rory - racing car
Ezra - no

TitsalinaBumsquash Sat 20-Jun-09 11:01:36

Iris - Old lady
Esther - Old lady

All the rest just strike me as pretty little girls names.

P eter

All of these strike me as nice little boys names.

FairLadyRantALot Sat 20-Jun-09 11:02:36

Freya - strong/ big boned woman (although, the Freya's I do know are all very cute and pretty, lol)
Isabel- pretty girly girl
Summer- hippish dressed because she is the daughter of a hippy
Iris- old lady
Kitty- feisty strong little girl, gorgeous to look at
Rose- gentle pretty little thing
Faye- blackhaired, petite,
Esther- not sure what I imagine here...but kinda like
Jemima- Beatrix Potter character

Ralph- ugly Kid
Thomas- the tank engine
Finlay- cute little boy
P eter- my beauty, lol
Zachary- cheekey little boy
Freddie- ugly old man
Ellis- to girlish
Conal- makes me think of a character Arnie Schwarzenegger might play
Rory- the racing car....but love this name
Ezra - Smurfs

Bucharest Sat 20-Jun-09 11:06:26

Freya- very 90s.
Isabel- nice. Prefer sp Isobel, it's much preferable to Isabella which is pretty but yawny as there are now so many.
Summer- bit downmarket
Iris- pretty, Bodenesque,
Kitty- love this
Rose- as a first name, beautiful, as a middle name, yawny and ubiquitous (like Grace)
Faye meh.
Esther- like this
Jemima- love of my favourites

Ralph- euuuw, like Miles and Keith, middle aged and frumpy
Thomas...another one????
Finlay- s'ok if you're Scottish, otherwise it's a bit shouty-in-Asda
P eter- love this, classy
Zachary- bit heavy and would always be Zac/Zak/Zach
Freddie- I imagine a man in his 40s living with his mother, fat fingers
Ellis surname
Conal not my style, but OK
Rory- like this.

WinkyWinkola Sat 20-Jun-09 11:35:12

Isabel - a bit wet blanket type of person
Summer - erm, shell suits
Iris - part of the eye
Kitty - feisty, spirited little girl
Rose - old lady
Faye - tattooed lesbian
Esther - old lady
Jemima - sweet little girl

Ralph - makes me think of that Judy Blume book 'Forever'
Thomas - good, solid, dependable
Finlay - Hoxton cool art student
Peter - accountant
Zachary - great name.
Freddie - money
Ellis - footballer
Conal - mix of colon and anal
Rory - the car
Ezra - individual, quiry

WinkyWinkola Sat 20-Jun-09 11:36:18

I meant Ezra is quirky.

elvislives Sat 20-Jun-09 11:45:48

Freya - getting very popular
Isabel - ditto
Summer - ditto but think Asda and hooped earings
Iris - my mum's 70 yo friend, who is a little on the large side
Kitty - Pride and Prejudice
Rose - Doctor Who
Faye - Holby City (getting a theme here)
Esther - Rantzen
Jemima - pretty, but child in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Ralph - nice
Thomas - far too popular
Finlay - personally don't like it
Peter - boring
Zachary - like it
Freddie - no no no
Ellis - like it
Conal - is that a name? no

boodleboot Sat 20-Jun-09 11:51:24

Freya - predicatable
Isabel - boring
Summer - a perfectly lovely name ruined by eastenders
Iris - reminds me of my beautiful blonde icelandic friend - she is beyond gorgeous.
Kitty - predictable
Rose - dr who {not that that is bad necessarily}
Faye - meh.
Esther - madonna's kabbalah name - can't abide madonna
Jemima - puddleduck

Ralph - lord of the flies
Thomas - boring
Finlay - yuk. so common
P eter - boring
Zachary - saved by the bell, american,
Freddie - naughty boy - all freddies i know seem to be very naughty ha.
Ellis - ok, but more of a girls name
Conal - vile
Rory - nice, i like this one alot
Ezra - nope def not

whereeverIlaymyhat Sat 20-Jun-09 13:20:45

"Freya - slender well mannered girl, strawberry blonde hair"

I have that Freya lol

There are 3 in Year 1 and Reception so I agree it's got very popular all of a sudden. Not in the same league as Emily or Chloe though.

whereeverIlaymyhat Sat 20-Jun-09 13:22:04

Mean to say Jemima is my favourite, she can be Jem when she's a barrister/doctor/prime minister.

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