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FreshScent Fri 19-Jun-09 23:42:29

What do you think of Emerson for a girl? I like that it is a formal name but it also has the sweeter nickname Emmy.

BananaFruitBat Fri 19-Jun-09 23:43:16

...Lake & Palmer?

pickyvic Sat 20-Jun-09 00:10:09

oh bananafruitbat you beat me to it! emmy i quite like! emerson im not so sure about tho but im old!

wrinklytum Sat 20-Jun-09 00:14:44

It is a surname ,surely?

boodleboot Sat 20-Jun-09 12:12:00

i know an emerson but he is a boy. teri hatcher has an emerson rose and that is the first time i heard it for a girl. i do like it tho, Emmy is a lovely NN.

mrswoolf Sat 20-Jun-09 13:17:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyPinkofPinkerton Sat 20-Jun-09 16:19:22

I think its lovely.

Heated Sat 20-Jun-09 16:22:37

I'm reading the Amelia Peabody series and it's her husband's name. Oddly for a naming-traditionalist I do like it, but for a boy.

BunnyLebowski Sat 20-Jun-09 16:50:47

Terrible terrible TERRIBLE.

Any name ending in "son" means son of so isn't appropriate for a girl anyway.

It's a "Falcon's Crest" name. Americanised and tacky.

Reminds me of an american actress who has 3 DAUGHTERS called Avery, Emery and Finlay. The poor wee buggers.

PuppyMonkey Sat 20-Jun-09 16:53:25

Falcon's Crest name... grin.. very good.

janeite Sat 20-Jun-09 16:54:29

Bad for a boy. Flipping awful for a girl, sorry.

AbricotsSecs Sat 20-Jun-09 16:57:01

Message withdrawn

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