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We like biblical names. Miriam or Esther?

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sadiemcgrady Wed 17-Jun-09 10:15:03

Boy will probably be Peter.

For a girl we quite like Miriam and Esther. I am all in favour of giving straightforward traditional names and deliberately steer clear of 'popular' names, but are those two just too uncommon? I don't know anyone IRL called either of them.

sleepychunky Wed 17-Jun-09 10:22:03

Love both those names and I know quite a few little Miriams and Esthers.
Esther one of my faves for next baby if it's a girl.
Go for it!

mollyroger Wed 17-Jun-09 10:24:06

i love esther. (I know a RL esther and a hester, think both are really pretty and unusual)

tummytickler Wed 17-Jun-09 11:29:48

I love Miriam (we would coinsider it for dc5). Esther is OK too.
I dont know any children of either but know a grown woman with each name.
Love Peter too, my ds Amos has this for one of his middle names.

Scorpette Wed 17-Jun-09 11:32:53

My name is Esther and I have always thought it was the coolest name ever and I'm always getting people saying 'Ooh, that's a lovely name' when they first meet me, so I would say go for it. It's uncommon, but not weird and everyone's heard of it, so don't worry about that. BUT please be prepared for the fact that virtually no-one seems to be able to spell it! It's not just people missing the H out by spelling it Ester, a huge proportion of people spell it Esta, Estha, Esster and even Easter! Just today I got a letter addressed to Eastha (Surname) - despite me having spelt my name out for them over the phone. Guess it's the price you pay for having the best name ever wink

TwoSunnyDays Wed 17-Jun-09 12:42:04

Cant go wrong with either, both great names!

sporadicname Wed 17-Jun-09 12:52:00

I love Esther. smile

Sesi Wed 17-Jun-09 12:53:02

I prefer Esther, it's more elegant than Miriam. Which is still nice but maybe a bit homely?

IRL I know one of each, with Miriam being shortened to Mim as a nn.

jeanjeannie Wed 17-Jun-09 12:54:53

Love Esther - great name smile

NorthernLurker Wed 17-Jun-09 12:55:49

Actually in 'church' circles they are both quite usual. I know several of both.

Dorcas is less common - or Eve?

belgo Wed 17-Jun-09 12:57:11

Esther is a beautiful name.

chaya5738 Wed 17-Jun-09 12:58:51

I love Miriam. And "Miri" as a nickname is very sweet.

I don't like Esther so much largely because Madonna chose it as her "Hebrew name." Silly, i know.

CravingOlives Wed 17-Jun-09 13:17:52

I know two baby Esthers, both of whom really suit their name. I don't know any Miriams. I like them both to be honest, although I think E slightly has the edge.

troutpout Wed 17-Jun-09 13:33:20

I know one of each
both lovely names

pranma Wed 17-Jun-09 13:50:46

I love Miriam-both gentle and elegant
I also like Naomi and Ruth

Wheelybug Wed 17-Jun-09 13:55:46

love esther - dd2 would have been esther had I not had a slight lisp.

mrswoolf Wed 17-Jun-09 13:56:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AtheneNoctua Wed 17-Jun-09 13:57:18


EachPeachPearMum Wed 17-Jun-09 14:22:51

If you have to do biblical, then Miriam is quite the nicest you could choose- its lovely.

Bounty2009 Wed 17-Jun-09 14:27:47

Message withdrawn

sadiemcgrady Wed 17-Jun-09 14:31:23

Oh I love Naomi, but DH not keen. He likes Ruth but I don't!

Thanks for the positive comments on both names. Difficult choice!

AtheneNoctua Wed 17-Jun-09 15:14:28

There are sooooo many names from the bible. Surely there is something you both like.

Miriam always makes me think stoppard.

I'm biased on Esther because it was my grandmother's name and she was a remarkable for woman.

missmem Wed 17-Jun-09 15:45:58

Other biblical girls names that are not as obvious:


jellybeans Wed 17-Jun-09 18:36:51

Esther is lovely.

hoping4thebest Wed 17-Jun-09 20:05:35

I like both as complete names and shortened versions.
Mim and Miri for Miriam and Ettie for Esther.

Missmem- my dd is Anna. It means gracious and I love it.

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