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loveofotters Tue 16-Jun-09 21:35:04

My oh is set on this, if not for a first name then a middle.
I was pleased with the comments our (probable) girl's name received: Joyce Isabella.
So what do you think of Moriarty for a boy?

Thunderduck Tue 16-Jun-09 21:35:58

No. It's awful and it immediately makes me think of the villain from Sherlock Holmes.

nickytwotimes Tue 16-Jun-09 21:36:05

Why, it's elementary, ,y dear.

Grammaticus Tue 16-Jun-09 21:39:40

Definitely connotations of evil, sorry grin

Bonneville Tue 16-Jun-09 21:42:11

Farty Moriarty.

loveofotters Tue 16-Jun-09 21:43:41

I was hoping few people would have heard of the CD Moriarty sad

chubbymummy Tue 16-Jun-09 21:47:43

At first glance I thought it said Mortuary!

womma Tue 16-Jun-09 21:49:09

It's awful - hope it's a girl!

Thunderduck Tue 16-Jun-09 21:54:59

Joyce Isabella is a truly beautiful name. Moriarty is not I'm afraid.

pointydog Tue 16-Jun-09 21:56:43

wasn't he also the dick in kerouac's On the Road?

Greensleeves Tue 16-Jun-09 21:57:17

Moriarty isn't for me, personally.

How about Malachy?

Thunderduck Tue 16-Jun-09 22:03:22

Malachy was that creepy child from Children Of The Corn.

Greensleeves Tue 16-Jun-09 22:04:12

well yes, but also countless thousands of other children, many of them Irish grin

Thunderduck Tue 16-Jun-09 22:07:43

whispers..I think it's a horrible name.

playftseforme Tue 16-Jun-09 22:09:26

not nice, sorry

janeite Tue 16-Jun-09 22:12:18

Dreadful. Sorry.

Joyce Isabella is nice.

pasturesnew Tue 16-Jun-09 22:12:47

hilarious DH suggestion! No way.

MoominMymbleandMy Tue 16-Jun-09 22:12:49

I would think of the Reichenbach Falls, I'm afraid.

I think Mycroft would be much nicer, and he was even cleverer than Sherlock.

Boco Tue 16-Jun-09 22:16:26

If we're going fictional villains, how about Fu Man Chu?

nigglewiggle Tue 16-Jun-09 22:18:19

The Hooded Claw?

slowreadingprogress Tue 16-Jun-09 22:19:32

it's hysterical! If your other half wants a child named after a pathological criminal mastermind, then.....

but I think you may as well call a child 'Hitler'

Tambajam Tue 16-Jun-09 22:23:00

Evil villain.

BelleWatling Tue 16-Jun-09 22:29:19

I LOVE it!


VeryAnnieGertie Wed 17-Jun-09 08:56:05

He's fallen in the water!

MachuPicchu Wed 17-Jun-09 08:59:05

It just makes me think

'are you there Moriarty, are you there?'


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