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Poppy Kate

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Freyfreysmum Tue 16-Jun-09 19:11:02

Is our first choice for Baby no2. What do you think...? DD1 is Freya. x

boodleboot Tue 16-Jun-09 19:12:53

really pretty....i like it. simple and unpretentious.

poppysweetie Tue 16-Jun-09 19:36:57

Really lovely I like it

thell Wed 17-Jun-09 11:11:09

fab! smile

Freyfreysmum Wed 17-Jun-09 11:33:46

Ah thanks.... its still at the top of our list lol but with 3 1/2 months to go Im sure I'll keep dithering. Love the combo of Poppy and Freya tho. x

Disenchanted3 Wed 17-Jun-09 11:34:43


Issy123 Wed 17-Jun-09 12:18:15

I think its a bit wet,

mrswoolf Wed 17-Jun-09 12:25:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chaya5738 Wed 17-Jun-09 13:00:37

Cute for a little girl. Might sound a little strange on a woman. I use the boardroom test - could a "Poppy Kate" introduce herself at a business meeting and not feel a little silly.

CravingOlives Wed 17-Jun-09 13:12:18

I really like it, it's pretty but not pretentious. I do agree though with Chaya who said it might not pass the businesswoman test. I suppose if your DD is bothered though she could just go by Kate when she's older.

Hulababy Wed 17-Jun-09 13:18:13

I like the name Poppy; very pretty.

Hulababy Wed 17-Jun-09 13:19:44

I don't get the whole boardroom/prime minister type thing.

When we were babies and being named it would have been odd to consider people with some of the 70/80s popular names as people in power, but now those names seem normal and fine. Names grew up with the person and it just becomes the norm.

mopsyflopsy Wed 17-Jun-09 13:23:53

I personally don't like the sound of Poppy. It sounds a little harsh and not very elegant/feminine to my ears. Also sounds a little 'childish'

Of course, thats just my opinion, but you did ask smile

PuppyMonkey Wed 17-Jun-09 13:28:06

There's a famous doctor or lawyer or something called Poppy isn't there?

Boardroom test me arse.

KERALA1 Wed 17-Jun-09 14:02:19

Great for a cute toddler. Doesn't work at all on an adult woman but then I think that about Daisy too.

Bounty2009 Wed 17-Jun-09 14:30:35

Message withdrawn

fizzpops Wed 17-Jun-09 14:46:27

I agree Hulababy.

Plus, I have a perfectly ordinary name but always feel silly introducing myself because I don't think it suits me.

I'd love to see a Prime Minister called Lola or Archie - would make life much more interesting. I certainly wouldn't be thinking they can't be PM as they are not named appropriately!

mrswoolf Wed 17-Jun-09 14:49:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Paolosgirl Wed 17-Jun-09 15:08:26

Cute name for a little girl, not so great for a grown woman. There is a Dr on Embarrassing Bodies called Pixie - maybe you're thinking of her, PuppyMonkey? It sounds as if she's trying just that leetle bit too hard.

Freyfreysmum Wed 17-Jun-09 21:01:14

Hehe thanks guys. About to post my option two lol, youre making me have doubts about my lovely daughter when she's running for PM!x

Kotek Thu 18-Jun-09 10:52:07

Don't worry about the boardroom test - it's silly. Just think of all the powerful successful women with unusual names - Condoleezza Rice etc.

LackingNicknameInspiration Thu 18-Jun-09 11:54:28

I think it's a lovely name. Only thing I would point out is that there's a series of books called 'Poppy Cat' - I doubt that they're so well known as to make a difference but thought I'd mention it, as my DD's obsessed with them. But if you're just calling her Poppy day-to-day, not really an issue - and does sound lovely with Freya.

pedalmonster Thu 18-Jun-09 15:13:51

in South Africa, Poppie means "little doll" and it is a term of affection rather than an actual name.
Have to say I love the board room test - very practical. I love Kate, taht is a beautiful name. I love Katie Elisabeth.

chaya5738 Thu 18-Jun-09 15:58:54

I guess it isn't the "unusual" thing that bothers me with Poppy, Lulu etc and those sorts of names (which I do think are sweet, btw). I don't think they are particularly unusual (like Condolezza is). It is that I think when we think of girls names we imagine a cute little girl and sometimes forget that they are going to be women someday who will want to be taken seriously. I am not sure I would want to be introducing myself as "Poppy" at a business meeting.

weepootle Thu 18-Jun-09 16:03:01

Lovely. I almost changed dd's name to Poppy Kate just before registering her but I stuck with the original which has Poppy as middle name.

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