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Thebunk Fri 05-Jun-09 21:50:53

Do you like it?

Thebunk Fri 05-Jun-09 21:57:31


Hulababy Fri 05-Jun-09 21:58:19

Have never heard of it before. What does it meaan?

I am assuming a girls name?

It has quite a pretty name to it- - a bit like Saffron.

littlelamb Fri 05-Jun-09 21:59:54

Have seen it spelt Saffiyah
I don't mind it, but don't like Saffy as a nickname

Thebunk Fri 05-Jun-09 22:00:10

Its a girls name, it means friend, pure

PussinJimmyChoos Fri 05-Jun-09 22:00:29

Yup, I know a Safia in RL (diff spelling obviously). Muslim name though - are you Muslim? smile

GetOrfMoiLand Fri 05-Jun-09 22:01:07

I know a Polish girl called Zaphia. I quite like it.

Thebunk Fri 05-Jun-09 22:03:40

No not Muslim

othersideofchannel Fri 05-Jun-09 22:09:15

I know a Safia and her family are Muslim.

fluffles Fri 05-Jun-09 22:10:51

i know a safia - half scottish half bangladehsi - very nice.

llynnnn Fri 05-Jun-09 22:13:20

quite a pretty name, but someone went into big brother with that name last night, may put me off a little if babies birth is very soon

Thebunk Fri 05-Jun-09 22:38:22

I'm not pregnant yet, we are TTC and I am starting to think about names and not a lot else

Thebunk Sat 06-Jun-09 10:01:18

bumping for the weekend crowd

JackieNo Sat 06-Jun-09 10:08:28

It's pretty - I know a Safiya.

sonniebonnie Sat 06-Jun-09 10:14:40

There's a little Muslim girl in ds's nursery called Safia. Pretty name!

Thebunk Sat 06-Jun-09 10:56:46

Do you think it will matter that we are not muslim?

ninedragons Sat 06-Jun-09 11:00:17

Yeah, personally I think it will. If you're not, people will assume they have mis-heard and she's Sophia.

Noor is one of my all-time favourite names but as we're both snowy-white Celts it would have been ridiculous.

EyeballshasBackBoobs Sat 06-Jun-09 11:00:25

Have you been watching Big Brother by any chance wink I don't think you need the two ff's tbh. There are a couple of pretty 'Muslim' spellings above which look a lot nicer. Just claim a close Muslim friend or distant relation by marriage if you like it

pranma Sat 06-Jun-09 12:14:01

How about Sophia as an alternative?

MaggieBee Sat 06-Jun-09 13:09:18

I know of one too. Family not muslim though. Her elder sister has a name that sounds Prussian or something (?) too. I didn't know the origin of the name. I just thought 'very unusual'.

moshie Sat 06-Jun-09 13:13:35

Prefer Sophia

Stannie Sun 07-Jun-09 09:04:54

I would have liked it (I like Saffia, Saffron, Sienna..) until that mouthy, interrupty so & so appeared on BB (which I swore I wasn't going to watch this year.. )

fizzpops Sun 07-Jun-09 11:06:09

One of the BB contestants this year - not sure how she spells it. This would put me off.

squatchette Sun 07-Jun-09 11:32:28

My 2nd dd is Saskia which sounds similar.Was also a BB contestant the year after I had her.Did get a few is she named after her off BB?
The good news is it hasn't been said in last few years .As we all know BB housemates are soon forgotten grin.

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