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mogwai Wed 03-Jun-09 20:40:04

Like or loathe (shortened to Tilly)?

OrmIrian Wed 03-Jun-09 20:40:31


dizzydixies Wed 03-Jun-09 20:41:30


HumphreyCobbler Wed 03-Jun-09 20:41:34


I know one, she is lovely

snickersnack Wed 03-Jun-09 20:41:40

Pretty. Very pretty. Isn't it Ottilie?

KERALA1 Wed 03-Jun-09 20:44:42

Really like.

lockets Wed 03-Jun-09 20:45:07

Message withdrawn

mogwai Wed 03-Jun-09 20:52:08

yeah sorry I spelt it wrong.

Doesn't sit well with our surname

How are you pronouncing it - where are you putting the stressed syllable?

tummytickler Wed 03-Jun-09 21:07:20

Ottilie is lovely, i know a very cute one about 3 years.
I dont like Tilly though.

shoobidoo Wed 03-Jun-09 21:46:08

I love Otillie! I wouldn't think it needs shortening at all - it rolls nicely off the tongue.

I assume you stress the first syllable (the O), not the tillie, in which case Tillie wouldn't be a natural nickname imo.

MarshaBrady Wed 03-Jun-09 21:48:53

Really like Ottilie.
Much prefer Ottie to Tilly though if you are going to shorten it.

othersideofchannel Wed 03-Jun-09 22:03:34

Why would you shorten Ottilie to Tilly ?

Ottillie is a lovely, unique name that is perfect as it is imo. Tilly, on the other hand, is quite common and boring imo.

Also, as others have said, aren't you stressing the 'O' rather than the Tilie?

RustyBear Wed 03-Jun-09 22:13:14

There used to be an Ottilie at the school I work at - she shortened it to Lottie until she was in Year 6 when she started to call herself Tilly instead.

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Wed 03-Jun-09 22:14:57

not tilly

mogwai Wed 03-Jun-09 23:04:00


I love this

DH is veto-ing it

He has veteoed every name except alexandra

Shitemum Wed 03-Jun-09 23:14:12

I know an Ottilie. Stress is on the 'O'. I wouldn't shorten it.

GYo Thu 04-Jun-09 01:22:28


DH vetoed for us too.

Dont shorten to tily, there are loads of matildas/ tilys about these days.

Ottie better NN if one is requiired.

AuntyAnna Thu 04-Jun-09 04:01:12

I like it love nickname Tilly

Bumbleybee Thu 04-Jun-09 04:49:47

I absolutely love Ottilie, gorgeous name.

gloomysue Thu 04-Jun-09 10:23:50

I have an Ottilie, as she is still little she gets called Ottie mostly. Not too keen on Tilly.

PestoMonster Thu 04-Jun-09 10:24:43

Love it. Don't shorten it though, too pretty as it is. smile

mrswoolf Thu 04-Jun-09 10:29:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hobbgoblin Thu 04-Jun-09 10:31:13

Oh lovely! Can I nick it as a replacement for Oenone?

BlackEyedDogstar Thu 04-Jun-09 11:47:12

I just love it, but vetoed here too!

boodleboot Thu 04-Jun-09 13:55:18

i just don't get this all....sorry

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