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Impartial views wanted...

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SassyBo Wed 03-Jun-09 14:16:49

Hi i'm 31 weeks pregnant and should be having a girl!!
I've found it very difficult this time round to choose another girls name, i think maybe as lots are taken by friends now, and with the first i didn't know so many children! Anyway i want something a little different but not made up sounding. My 3 year old is called Saskia Alexie and i love her name. The only name we have really liked this time round is Lillia, and are considering Lillia Clementine. My friends say they like this, but you can never tell if they are just being kind! My mum doesn't like either which shouldn't bug me as its my choice, but it does! What are your views on the name??

Thanks Xx

IwishIwasmoreorganised Wed 03-Jun-09 14:18:50

I like Lillia, not so sure about Clementine though. I do like Clemency which is similar!

LaTrucha Wed 03-Jun-09 14:19:23

Lots of Lilys around ATM but it's fine as name. What about Lydia?

My friend has a Clementine - not my cup of tea but it's her baby.

JudyBlume1019 Wed 03-Jun-09 14:21:16

lillia sounds anatomical somehow. not keen

JudyBlume1019 Wed 03-Jun-09 14:21:34

clementine lovely though

ohdearwhatamess Wed 03-Jun-09 14:24:11

I like Lillia (and Lily).

Not so keen on Clementine.

sockmonster Wed 03-Jun-09 14:24:40

I like it spelt Lilia. Lovely name. And Clementine is imo a bit rubbish for a first name, but a gorgeous middle name. On my list. I like it.

The only thing is the abundance of Lilys around at present, but I haven't yet met a baby Lilia, I think it is different and pretty.

slushy06 Wed 03-Jun-09 14:26:33

I like it I think it sounds pretty.

lilypond1 Wed 03-Jun-09 14:31:44

i think they are both lovely names, clementine is french, really lovely!! go for it

lockets Wed 03-Jun-09 16:51:54

Message withdrawn

JoPie Wed 03-Jun-09 17:00:28

I know a Lilia, altho it might be spelt Lilya, she is Tunisian. I love it.

TabithaTwitchet Wed 03-Jun-09 17:18:20

I think it is lovely

VeryAnnieMary Wed 03-Jun-09 18:06:45

Lillia isn't really to my taste but it isn;t awful. I like Clementine (personally prefer Constance). They're both perfectly acceptible names and I wouldn't have thought you'd be faced with too much disapprobation.

loler Wed 03-Jun-09 18:19:28

Lilia was DS1 girls name, had irrationally gone off it for DS2. I still like it but wouldn't chose it now.

I've met a couple of baby Lilia's since ds2 was born so is a name people have heard of but isn't too popular (although there are loads of Lilys around). I was talking the mum of one of the Lilias and she said that almost everyone has asked if she got the name from strictly come dancing - I guess this will eventually go away!

Goes well with Saskia.

Ivykaty44 Wed 03-Jun-09 18:22:49

elsie, not keen

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