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Am so stuck on girls names please help

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christiana Thu 28-May-09 09:03:49

Message withdrawn

mogwai Thu 28-May-09 09:16:05

Amber and Alice are nice.

I have the same problem - DH vetoes all of my girl choices (including Alice).

I would love to have the French name, Elodie but it won't go with our surname. I've wanted the name Elodie for years and years!

Beware made up names though - they're a bit naff!

Kaylo Thu 28-May-09 09:18:26

How about Anya? I love love love this name grin

Or Tiegan?

Anouska is a lovely name


Have no idea of the kind of names you like but I too don't like the very traditional English names, Sophia and Bethany is the closest I'll get.

Have a look here for untradtional names. I know the website is for fairy names but a lot of them are very very pretty and not something you would hear everyday.

Hope this helps

I am loving Violet and Martha at the moment (in fact I am going to start working on my DH for Martha asap and we are not even TTC yet).

I don't like any of your names, sorry. I think summer and amber are a little bit too hippy try hard.

IamNOTspartacus Thu 28-May-09 09:22:54

Well if he's vetoing almost all your choices and being so picky, what list has he put forward? He can't just say no without giving his own preferences.

How about Darcy or Dulcie?

lockets Thu 28-May-09 09:25:16

Message withdrawn

NationalFlight Thu 28-May-09 09:25:50


christiana Thu 28-May-09 09:26:22

Message withdrawn

myredcardigan Thu 28-May-09 09:30:56

Hi Lockets! I posted on here and realised I still had my silly namechange! grin

What about Guineveve? (have I spelt that correctly?) or Imogen? Or Dorothea? Just trying to think what may be perceived as 10th century.

Kaylo Thu 28-May-09 09:31:02


I love it!

lockets Thu 28-May-09 09:32:51

Message withdrawn

myredcardigan Thu 28-May-09 09:32:53

Not that I can possibly help here as I have an Elizabeth and a Catherine! grin

lockets Thu 28-May-09 09:35:00

Message withdrawn

myredcardigan Thu 28-May-09 09:37:14

Yes,I like Frances and Thea too.

It doesn't sound like we're on the right track here, Christiana.

Give us some clues as to what you're looking for. Do you want a name that is not just a girls name IYKWIM. Such as Summer or Amber (from your list)

Kaylo Thu 28-May-09 09:39:07

Oh lockets it's such a pretty name!!

I'm not even pg yet but it's already on my list grin

myredcardigan Thu 28-May-09 09:41:51

TBH they're always Lizzie and Kitty so never get their full name unless I'm being very cross and teachery.

Names are so personal so I try not to get offended when everyone gives me the 'you've got no imagination' look esp when they then hear DS's name too!

lockets Thu 28-May-09 09:45:57

Message withdrawn

wideratthehips Thu 28-May-09 09:53:40


Saskia is lovely.

christiana Thu 28-May-09 10:02:07

Message withdrawn

belgo Thu 28-May-09 10:05:25


lockets Thu 28-May-09 10:05:33

Message withdrawn

audley Thu 28-May-09 10:12:38

Bridget, Joss, Ingrid?

belgo Thu 28-May-09 10:13:29


belgo Thu 28-May-09 10:15:43


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