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StayFrosty Wed 27-May-09 16:17:21

is it too weird/guardian readery?

Nekabu Wed 27-May-09 16:22:12


wahwahwah Wed 27-May-09 16:24:47


StayFrosty Wed 27-May-09 16:26:51

No it's not too weird, or just a general no? grin

DP and I like it, I know that my mum hates it though and I think it has swayed me against it. I dunno if it is 'the' name. I dunno if I can imagine saying it every day. But I really used to like it.

StayFrosty Wed 27-May-09 16:28:21

See, wahwahwah, that is another thing. Will peole just think of the kid with the blanket? (not that fussed about that aspect tbh, pretty much every name has connotations or is the name of someone else, unless you make one up).

Nekabu Wed 27-May-09 16:40:15

Sorry, no it's not too weird or guardiany readery.

avenginggerbil Wed 27-May-09 16:42:28

kid with the blanket, I fear

MrsHappy Wed 27-May-09 16:44:22

I love it (and don't read the Guardian. Except for Comment is Free, sometimes).

saintmaybe Wed 27-May-09 16:45:53

no kids will know about peanuts now, will they? I like it.

Paolosgirl Wed 27-May-09 16:47:31

Kid with the blanket in Snoopy

Also sounds too much like Sinus

wahwahwah Wed 27-May-09 17:11:37

DS is very fond of Snoopy just now!

lockets Wed 27-May-09 17:42:08

Message withdrawn

Thunderduck Wed 27-May-09 18:28:45

No.Avoid like the plague.

Paolosgirl Wed 27-May-09 19:00:58

Do you know someone called Linus by any chance, lockets? grin

movingnow Wed 27-May-09 19:01:47


lockets Wed 27-May-09 19:03:26

Message withdrawn

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 27-May-09 19:04:46

I like it. It was on my name list, but dh hated it. Wanker.

StayFrosty Wed 27-May-09 20:07:12

Thanks ladies. I was in two minds about doing a baby names thread, because whatever the name is you get some people going 'oh yes fabulous' and some people going 'it's shit, I hate it'. Like in real life I guess. But it is a slight majority towards the fab side. Lockets, you are veh convincing grin

I will carry on mulling. Have 17 more weeks to go anyways. I was convinced I was having a girl, and had a beautiful girl's name. Dulcie Rosalind. It was just there in my mind, gorgeous. But the 20 week scan showed a todger, and I am thrown. Linus. Linus Linus Linus. Is it too much like anus? or penis? I like the -us ending. Classical and unusual. Hmmmm. I love Seamus too, but dp says it is 'too Irish' hmm despite the fact that one of his choices is Cormac, which I have vetoed as it translates as 'son of defilement'.

I am really at a loss here lol.

lockets Wed 27-May-09 20:13:44

Message withdrawn

StayFrosty Wed 27-May-09 20:28:52

That is lovely, but dp says 'he would get called Cassie' hmm

I love Wesley, as well but we have an Esme and it's too rhyming! Doh.

thisisyesterday Wed 27-May-09 20:37:13

i concur wholeheartedly with Lockets grin

janeite Wed 27-May-09 20:40:18

I don't like Linus, sorry.

Love Wesley though but see what you mean by too rhyming. How about Westley a la The Princess Bride instead? Lucas? Lucius?

StayFrosty Wed 27-May-09 20:47:18

I thought the Princess Bride bloke was called Wesley! Double doh. No to Westley anyway cos he would spend his life saying 'no, WesTley' and it's still a bit rhyming.

Lucas is in my mind a naughty boys' name [ex teacher here - another spanner in the works]

Love Lucius. but dp thinks is too girly. See I love 'girly' names. But he doesn't. And the thing is, we both have really broad Yorkshire accents, me Barnsley, him Sheffield, we sound like such proper commoners. And Lucius just doesn't sit right.

I am being an awkward bugger aren't I? But we both are! The other night I said 'well if you don't like Seamus, what about James/Jim?' right, how many cool Jims/Jimmys have there been in history and music? And dp immediately goes 'Jim Bowen'. I ask you, what is a woman to do? grin

lockets Wed 27-May-09 20:49:22

Message withdrawn

changer22 Wed 27-May-09 20:54:08

Another yes for Linus. Doesn't it mean blonde?

Not that it matters really.

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