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Pineapples Wed 27-May-09 10:28:13

What do you think of Piper for a girl?

fruitstick Wed 27-May-09 10:29:23

Have you been watching The Thorn Birds on Zone per chance?

I like it.

MrsWeasley Wed 27-May-09 10:31:06

its Charming winkgrin

MrsMerryHenry Wed 27-May-09 10:31:07

I don't like it. Can you hear yourself calling her down the street: Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sorry, I can't explain my dislike very well but I just don't like it.

sockmonster Wed 27-May-09 12:37:33

Haha mrsweasley I was going to put that! Yes crazy witchy sister from 'charmed'-
otherwise pied piper-
otherwise, it's a bit americanized (z or s?) but it's an OK name, I don't hate it!

ninedragons Wed 27-May-09 12:45:41

With almost any surname she will sound like an oil rig.

MrsASHLEYBanjo Wed 27-May-09 12:46:31

I think Alpha

MrsASHLEYBanjo Wed 27-May-09 12:47:27

Mind you, Carrie's mum was Piper Laurie wasn't she? So, an actress can, ahem, carry it off.

ellingwoman Wed 27-May-09 12:48:51

Have you seen the other thread about someone with the surname Rimmer? To me Piper has probably got/will have some sex connotations too, it's that type of wordgrin

MrsMerryHenry Wed 27-May-09 12:51:12

Piper Laurie was Carrie's mum? She's the only Piper I've heard of but didn't know about the Carrie connection.

MrsASHLEYBanjo Wed 27-May-09 12:55:36

Think so. Carrie's, nor Sissy Spacek's <overly-complicating thread now grin>

MrsMerryHenry Wed 27-May-09 13:00:32

Ha! I did fleetingly have an image of Sissy's blood-drenched character, then hurried it out of my mind.

fizzpops Fri 12-Jun-09 08:53:34

I like it in theory but knowing me I would shorten it to 'Pipes' as a nn.

Plus I have a Poppy... really not a good combination.

wolfear Fri 12-Jun-09 09:27:52

Really cute, but maybe a little too American.

Ninjacat Sun 14-Jun-09 16:26:26

Pipe in French means Blow Job. Sorry

cookielove Sun 14-Jun-09 16:33:38

i love piper, and there is nothing wrong with it being american!!!!

Bonneville Sun 14-Jun-09 16:37:44

Piper - not really a proper name. Sorry.

Tortington Sun 14-Jun-09 16:40:07

Piper maris - lovely name

Nancy66 Sun 14-Jun-09 17:00:24

Silly name. Sorry.

KathyBrown Sun 14-Jun-09 18:02:01

Have a Pippa instead.

violethill Sun 14-Jun-09 18:04:02

It's not a name.

CoteDAzur Sun 14-Jun-09 18:10:43

Pray she never meets a French man nor has to go to France.

TwoSunnyDays Mon 15-Jun-09 13:12:31

Maybe Paige would be better?

PussyGalour Mon 15-Jun-09 14:32:27

As long as her surname isn't Turner grin
Paige is a bit chavvy isn't it ?

TwoSunnyDays Tue 16-Jun-09 15:53:16

I would group them together as popular in America

I think Paige Turner sounds fine...

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