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Please criticise the following--

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sockmonster Sat 23-May-09 17:54:19


Quattrocento Sat 23-May-09 17:55:10

I like them all

Oh except I would prefer Sophie to Sofia

bronze Sat 23-May-09 17:55:23

DO I have to?

They are all lovely. If you need one then maybe they're a little popular at the moment

bronze Sat 23-May-09 17:56:03

Oh I prefer Sophia as its more 'English'

Lulumama Sat 23-May-09 17:56:08

Alice not my most favourite, neither is maria. but olde worlde

Isobel and Sophia, yes,definitely ! grin

bronze Sat 23-May-09 17:56:31

Oh crap that sounds bad. I'm goign to vanish now

GossipMonger Sat 23-May-09 17:58:37

I prefer Isabelle as a spelling amd Sophie.

Not keen on Maria but love Alice.

sockmonster Sat 23-May-09 17:58:51

haha bronze don't vanish! Random spelling as have spanish/mexican heritage. I think Isabel is maybe too popular, but is DP favourite...

TheFallenMadonna Sat 23-May-09 18:02:30

I like all except Alice. And I don't hate that. Prefer Isobel. Not Sophie.

bronze Sat 23-May-09 18:05:14

ok then prefer IsObel too

alicecrail Sat 23-May-09 18:05:27

I like Isobel but really hate Izzy as a nn. obviously i like Alice, as that is my horses name grin but would have considered for DD if it wasn't

TheProfiteroleThief Sat 23-May-09 18:08:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sockmonster Sat 23-May-09 18:15:14


oh pleeease be mean! I really am terribly indecisive, I need cutting remarks to eliminate possible names! grin. Others considered are

Liliana- dp hates this
Emily- too popular?

Tortington Sat 23-May-09 18:17:53

alli - isn't that a diet thing that makes you shit?

lljkk Sat 23-May-09 18:21:42

They are all nice.
I prefer Lilian to Liliana, myself.
Sofia is probably my favourite.
Although I have an Isabel.
Isabel is extremely popular -- far more common than Emily. I barely know anyone named Emily but I know almost a dozen Isabel's under ten! Isabelle or Isobel are more common spellings (might be easier to get personalised items).
Alice is quite uncommon now -- if you prefer more uncommon names.

TheOtherMaryPoppinsDiets Sat 23-May-09 18:22:31

grin Custardo - it's apparently pronounced a-lie - probably a myth put about by people called Alice wink

Love Alice and prefer Sophia/Sophie. Emily (too) popular but still lovely, Liliana was a character from Neighbours who I hated with a passion. So therefore hate that name.

bronze Sat 23-May-09 18:22:37

Ok too many Izys around. Bloody millions of them in this village, about half the girls

Liliana, just no dunno why but there you go

Maria needs to be dark imho so if youre all fair no


racks brains for more reasons to rule some out

janeite Sat 23-May-09 18:24:35

I have an Isobel and an Alice. I didn't realise when naming my Isobel that there were so many of them. Having also insisted when agreeing to name her Isobel that she would never be Izzy, she insisted on being Izzy as soon as she was old enough to have an opinion. There are two Isobels in her clas, both of whom are known as Izzy.

I don't like Sofia at all, although I can't quite work out why.

sockmonster Sat 23-May-09 18:25:23

I knew I could rely on you lot! grin

Tortington Sat 23-May-09 18:27:27

alice! alice who the fuck is alice?

Maria maria maria mariiiiiiiiia, i just kissed a gilr called maaaaaaaaria

izzy - twill be izzy at 13 guarentee it

sofia lofia mofia gofia - nah can't think of anythin to do with this name apart from she will be constantly called sophie

sockmonster Sat 23-May-09 18:36:36

Ok, I'm leaning towards

Alice if baby has fairish hair (dd1 had golden hair/blue eyes, which was extremely surprising given my colouring!)

Isabel if dark. BUT I think there are too many Isabels. hmm Hence sofia/maria. But I'm not sure...

More criticism please!

janeite Sat 23-May-09 18:38:00

It's funny but I'd see Alice as the brunette and Isobel as the blonde - probably thinking of Alice Liddel.

LaDiDaDi Sat 23-May-09 18:39:13

I'm not keen on Maria. Like the rest though,

Paolosgirl Sat 23-May-09 18:47:12

Not keen on Maria - it's a bit nothing, iykwim

Love the others though

sockmonster Sat 23-May-09 18:51:43

I guess Maria has been a bit ruined for me by that 'how do you solve a problem like maria' show...


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