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chumbers Sun 17-May-09 11:49:46

we have just had a baby boy and have a few names we're considering. we like Reginald , Reggie for short but the grannies really hate it. id love some feedback

thesockmonsterofdoom Sun 17-May-09 11:53:21

dont be ridiculous.

MaryHuff Sun 17-May-09 11:55:43

Not to my liking at all.

Ponders Sun 17-May-09 11:56:25

Oh you are joking, aren't you???

ScummyMummy Sun 17-May-09 11:58:20

Don't like it that much but it's definitely coming back a bit. There is a v cute boy in my boys' school named Reginald and I also know of someone who's just named their baby Reggie.

Thunderduck Sun 17-May-09 12:28:27

Please tell me you aren't serious. It's awful,and guaranteed to get him beaten up in the playground, unless his last name is Kray.

GossipMonger Sun 17-May-09 12:29:03


hercules1 Sun 17-May-09 12:34:30

No, please dont inflict this on a child.

clam Sun 17-May-09 12:35:30

Some old-fashioned names work and others just don't.
Reginald is one of them.
Don't do it!

passmethegin Sun 17-May-09 13:18:28

Gosh, people don't like it do they?
I personally think it's fine, and sod what the grandparents think, it's your baby. Best test is if you can imagine calling out 'Reginald!' in the middle of the supermarket.

Jux Sun 17-May-09 15:09:09

Ronald is similar, but a very strong name imo.

PuppyMonkey Sun 17-May-09 15:11:10

Reg when he gets a bit older? grin

Littlefish Sun 17-May-09 16:08:08

Don't do it. It's horrible. Really doddery.

chumbers Sun 17-May-09 18:58:40

thanks for all your feedback, not many people seem to like it but i cant understand why . what is wrong with reg.

Thunderduck Sun 17-May-09 19:15:43

It's an awful name,it truly is. There are plenty of lovely old fashioned names out there but this isn't one of them.

piscesmoon Sun 17-May-09 19:16:14

Reginald, Reggie, Reg and Ronald are all dire. I knew a cat called Reggie and that was quite sweet.

moshie Sun 17-May-09 19:19:30

My dad's middle name. He hated it with a passion all his life.

MrsMattie Sun 17-May-09 19:23:44

I love Reggie. I know two really cool Reggies. Don't listen to the naysayers. They are probably the ones calling their girls Mabel and Ivy! grin

HuffwardlyRudge Sun 17-May-09 19:33:17


Really great name.

tearinghairout Sun 17-May-09 19:34:26

I met a dear little boy last year called Reggie. He was about four and was a real character. I wouldn't have liked the name before, but somehow it really suited him. If you like it, go for it.

pingviner Sun 17-May-09 19:39:46

read Saki's short stories about Reginald
youll then either love or hate the name

I love it grin

Thunderduck Sun 17-May-09 19:42:34

I hate the names Mabel and Ivy also.grin

RachieB Sun 17-May-09 19:49:31


skihorse Sun 17-May-09 19:55:11

shock are you in competition with your friends for the ugliest, most pretentious, faux middle-class name out there?

SamJamsmum Sun 17-May-09 20:01:29

I quite like Reggie but Reginald is baaaad and I think you need a more formal version of Reggie for when he is older.
But it's up to you. If you love it, go for it.

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