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Twin sisters/brothers/sister-and-brother for a James aka Jimmy

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lolianja Fri 15-May-09 06:46:04

Any ideas? I really like Alice at the moment but am struggling enormously to think of another girl name that goes, or indeed any boy names. The boy name shortlist was about 40 names long last time around but now I'm finding myself turning away previously favoured names and unable to think of any pairs that fit.

Prefer traditional / established names - nothing wacky or made up. Don't mind if very common, don't mind if a little passé or (slightly) unusual just as long as it's an actual name. No hurry though as am due in December!

Thanks in advance folks.

bigdonna Fri 15-May-09 10:07:56

my sister has ryan and victoria my friend has lucy and joseph and another friend has francesca and adam.what about alice and aimee or alice and joseph.i looked after twins called catherine and charlotte and zoe and georgina.

fizzpops Fri 15-May-09 10:10:54

Alice and....

Emily (actually really like this combo)
Georgia/ Georgina

Boys (any combination of with above)

Thomas (particularly like with Annabel)
Matthew (really like with Charlotte)

Any of the biblical type names go well with others I think

Isaac (although not with Jessica)

Probably not that helpful as you have been thinking for a long time and have probably considered all of these already and discounted for one reason or another.

lolianja Fri 15-May-09 21:40:21

Thanks guys. bigdonna - I really like Rya but boyfriend does not. Ditto Victoria - but I have a cousin Victoria (having said that I have a cousin Jimmy too but it's more of a generic name so less of an annoyance really). I love Joseph, LOVE it, but I don't think I could bring myself to have two siblings with the same initial. I'm so anal about that. Christ knows my, it's my one OCD-ish foible. Shame though because I really like Aimee (not keen on the spelling though, prefer Amy). Like Catherine, Charlotte, Zoe and Georgine lots as well.

fizzpops - thanks to you too, lovely names! Unfortunately Matthew's a no - James was going to be Matthew and then one of my cousins gave birth to a little Matthew when I was about halfway through my pregnancy. LOVE Thomas and William, I think they were on our longlist last time around and will be added to this one I think! Adore Charlotte, Emily, Annabel and Jessica too.

lolianja Fri 15-May-09 21:40:44

Sorry, Rya should read Ryan.

norktasticninja Fri 15-May-09 21:43:24

Alice & Kate?

Benjamin (Ben)?

Evenstar Fri 15-May-09 21:46:02

My twin godchildren are Jack and Abigail but you said you didn't want two with the same initial.

MrsKitty Sat 16-May-09 06:35:34

James, Alice and Eliza
James, Alice and Katherine/Katie
James, Alice and Hannah
James, Alice and Martha

James, Alice and Benjamin
James, Alice and Elliot
James, Alice and Henry
James, Alice and George
James, Alice and Samuel/Sam

I've highlighted my favourite ones, although if you were to have 2 boy twins you couldn't put George & Elliot together!

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Wed 03-Jun-09 13:56:46

DD is Alice and a few of the suggestions here include my name and DS's name. And DD's middle name smile

FranSanDisco Wed 03-Jun-09 13:58:37

Alice and Grace ?

GreatTT Wed 03-Jun-09 14:15:29

What about
Queenie and Drama - that seems to be gaining in popularity {smile]

pranma Wed 03-Jun-09 15:14:12

Alice and Edward
Alice and Lucy
Edward and James

gladders Wed 03-Jun-09 16:36:10

Jimmy, Alice and Hattie/harriet
Jimmy, Teddy and Theo
Jimmy, Daniel and Sophie?

stripeypineapple Wed 03-Jun-09 16:56:07

James and

We already a have Ellie and the others are planned for later, James being the first, but you can share them too smile

busterk Wed 03-Jun-09 21:31:09

My friend has girls called eve and alice

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