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How posh is Hugo?

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peachyfox Sun 10-May-09 08:48:51

I love it, so does DP, but made the mistake of mentioning it to a few people and they all screwed their faces up. Is it nice but dim?

RealityIsMyOnlyDelusion Sun 10-May-09 08:52:12

Message withdrawn

franke Sun 10-May-09 09:05:09

You have to try and imagine yourself yelling it in a supermarket I think. If it passes that test then go for it smile

Overmydeadbody Sun 10-May-09 09:06:40

What, exactly, do you mean by 'posh'? I hate that word.

Of course it's not nice but dim. Who cares what other people think, it is a lovely name.

largeginandtonic Sun 10-May-09 09:07:48

I have a Hugo and LOVE IT. Lots of people say what a cool name. My Hugo is 4, he is Hugs for short.

basementbear Sun 10-May-09 09:08:53

What Franke said (depends on the supermarket too grin - although I don't want to start another supermarket snobbery argument ..)

Overmydeadbody Sun 10-May-09 09:10:07

G&T's Hugo is beautiful, and I assosiate the name Hugo with beautiful people grin

tiggerlovestobounce Sun 10-May-09 09:23:22

Its a lovely name. I dont think that ist 'nice but dim'.

peachyfox Sun 10-May-09 09:40:13

Oh good! We both like it, so we'll stick to our guns - if it's a boy that is, we've chosen not to know. Double trouble in the name-choosing game.

over I suppose I mean the sort of thing very upper class people call their kids (although they now all call them Harry and George which used to be preferred by miners, times change eh). You're absolutely right though, the day must definitely come when noone uses that word any more. I myself will stop forthwith.

G&T lovely! I like Hugs and Huggie for a baby. That's one of the reasons we like it so much. He can grow with it. Big hugs to your Hugs.

Gosh, now I'm really hoping for a boy. If it's a girl, we've chosen Katia, or maybe Katja.

Roll on August!

MsMargotBeauregarde Sun 10-May-09 12:06:42

I really like it. I suggested it to my x mind you and he said "do we have an antiques business?".

But, some people just think everybody should be james or john.

Hugo is lovely. And hughie is cute for a little one I think,

ladylush Sun 10-May-09 12:09:58

It does sound posh or at least upper middle class imo but why should that matter. If you like it, use it smile

mrswoolf Sun 10-May-09 12:15:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twoboots Sun 10-May-09 12:27:35

Hugo was Barts fish-head-eating-siamese twin in the Simpsons!

largeginandtonic Sun 10-May-09 12:37:49

Aw thank you Overmydeadbody smile

boodleboot Sun 10-May-09 15:26:09

I think Hugo is an amazing name - truly. if you don't tell me people your names in RL until the bump arrives it will make it sooo much easier on you....

peachyfox Sun 10-May-09 15:42:05

boodleboot alas I always have trouble with my big mouth. I've shushed now though..

boodleboot Sun 10-May-09 16:51:58

well they will all have prob forgotten by the time he/she comes along and it really isn't the done thing to screw your face up at a babys name that has an accompanying baby so i reckon you should stick with Hugo....its beaut.

peachyfox Sun 10-May-09 17:06:51


peachyfox Sun 10-May-09 17:08:28

twoboots he haw, that just makes me want it more!

Podrick Sun 10-May-09 17:21:43

It is a posh name, but if you like it then why ever not?

peachyfox Sun 10-May-09 17:25:14

I suppose because it's going to be his not mine, and it's interesting to see what perceptions people have of a name. Hence the forum...

Paolosgirl Sun 10-May-09 17:26:14

Up here in Scotland, Shuggie is a nickname for Hugh or Hugo!

I love Hugo - but would prefer not to have a child nicknamed Shuggie! If you can guarantee that you're not going to move north of the border, then go for it smile

Guadalupe Sun 10-May-09 17:29:37

I know two Hugos, one is a stick thin old Etonian and the other one looks like Pavarotti. They are both very nice and suit their names.

pointydog Sun 10-May-09 17:31:55

lolol @ 'do we have an antiques business'

It is posh.

I have only ever heard of shuggies called Hugh. Not many Scots called Hugo. Unless they are posh grin

Nancy66 Sun 10-May-09 17:42:38

I would definitely class it as a posh name - makes me think of the upturned collar brigade.

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