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How would you pronounce the name....

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MamaMimi Fri 08-May-09 12:37:22


Dp and I have differing opinions on this and I just wonder what the consensus would be amongst everyone out there. Maybe it depends on where, in the UK, you come from(?)

rubyslippers Fri 08-May-09 12:37:58

cat - re - oh - na

am Northern

PenelopePitstops Fri 08-May-09 12:40:04

cat re nah


Fimbo Fri 08-May-09 12:41:47

As per Rubyslippers but I have heard it pronounced Katrina as well.

Castiel Fri 08-May-09 12:42:07

DH's cousin is Catriona, pronounced Cat ree na.

LastOrders Fri 08-May-09 12:42:20

Ca - tree - nah

Down South

JulesJules Fri 08-May-09 12:42:25

I would say Cat-re-oh-na too.

wastingmyeducation Fri 08-May-09 12:43:26

Cat-ree- o- na. There is an o in it.

TrillianAstra Fri 08-May-09 12:43:41


Cat-ree-na is Katrina as in the hurricane, no?

ramonaquimby Fri 08-May-09 12:43:49

caa tree oh na

PacificDogwood Fri 08-May-09 12:44:03

Ca-tree-nah - which is correct way, natch, as celtic/scottish/irish kind of name wink

throckenholt Fri 08-May-09 12:45:43

I would say Cat-ri-oh-na - Catreena would be spelt Catrina - no ?

this doesn't help much - it says both !

girlandboy Fri 08-May-09 12:45:52


It never occurred to me to pronounce it like Katrina.


TrillianAstra Fri 08-May-09 12:53:45

It's not a "known" Celtic-weird-spelling-pronunciation-thingy like Siobhan though, is it? So unless you are in Ireland or wherever I think most people are going to assume that a name with an O in that place is going to sound like it has an O.

MatthewBellamysMuse Fri 08-May-09 12:59:46

Ca - tree - na

MrsKitty Fri 08-May-09 13:04:05

I'd say Ca-tree-oh-na

Given that the link from throckenholt advises both pronunciations, I'd say you could use whichever you prefer smile

OrmIrian Fri 08-May-09 13:06:03

Cat- ree- uh -na

And I know cos it's MINE!

I just knew this thread was going to be about that name. BTW if you love your DD don't use it. I have spent a lifetime having it mispelt or mispronounced. Which is why I am always Kate now.

OrmIrian Fri 08-May-09 13:06:47

Emphasis on the 'tree' bit not the 'uh' bit.

Wallace Fri 08-May-09 13:17:41


JoPie Fri 08-May-09 13:24:18

Catriona, same as Katrina, Cat- tree-na.

Its Irish and so am I so thats def right wink

PuppyMonkey Fri 08-May-09 13:26:01

Cat ree na

East Midlands. Irish parents. Nuff said.

Plonker Fri 08-May-09 13:30:34

Cat tree oh nah

That's how I read it, but admittedly, I don't know anyone of that name.


OrmIrian Fri 08-May-09 13:30:39

As far as I know it's Gaelic rather than Celtic - or an anglicisation of that. Was the name of a novel by RL Stevenson. If we could just ask him.....

buggylovinmummy Fri 08-May-09 13:32:41


My name is Katrina and ive never seen it spelt like that so definatly cat-tree-o-na

LittleMonkeysMummy Fri 08-May-09 13:35:52

Pronounced Cah-tree-nah up here in Aberdeen.

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