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Cerys or Carys?

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Mammina Sun 03-May-09 20:33:26

which do you prefer, or neither? Not totally in love with either of them but need a welsh name and it is one of very few name that DH likes

horsemadgal Sun 03-May-09 20:45:19

I prefer Carys, but both are nice.

tummytickler Sun 03-May-09 20:46:54

I prefer Cerys, but my favourite Welsh girls names are Hawys and Dilys.

SnortyBartFast Sun 03-May-09 20:47:04

i like cerys as it reminds me of the singer

Pinkchampagne Sun 03-May-09 20:47:31

Like Carys best of the two, but that is probably because I know a bad Cerys.

Mammina Sun 03-May-09 20:48:19

not keen on Hawys but like Dilys if I block out the old woman association (don't think I can block it out enough to use it though)

LaDiDaDi Sun 03-May-09 20:48:47

I like Cerys, I think it's a very pretty name without being too girly.

Dilys and Nerys are nice too.

jambutty Sun 03-May-09 20:50:14

Of those two, I prefer Cerys.
What about Ceri? Or Sian? Eluned? Mari (I love that name)?
My Welsh teacher was called Enfis - it means Rainbow, which is lovely, but I don't think it sounds very nice. And I have a relative called Heulwen - sunshine. Again, nice meaning, doesn't sound great imo.

ohdearwhatamess Sun 03-May-09 20:50:34

Prefer Carys, mainly because it is the name of one of my lovely nieces.

TarkaLiotta Sun 03-May-09 20:54:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilovepeppapig Sun 03-May-09 22:30:28

love cerys.

what about megan or bethan ?

BibiThree Sun 03-May-09 22:32:28

Carys every time, although i'm biased grin

mummytowillow Wed 06-May-09 21:44:31

Cerys for me!! But thats because my little munchkin is called Cerys, I had to have a welsh name to remember my roots!! wink

What about Seren or Eleri??

They were my other names for a little girl!

RachieB Wed 06-May-09 22:48:39


jellybeans Wed 06-May-09 23:16:25

I prefer Cerys.

onadietcokebreak Wed 06-May-09 23:18:39

Love both but would prob go for Cerys

dottyaboutstripes Thu 07-May-09 10:58:42

I like them both and when we had dd3, we chose Carys as I preferred Carrie to Cerrie if people (as they always do!) wanted to shorten it.

My fave Welsh name is Nia (that's why DD1 is Nia 0

ChocFridgeCake Thu 07-May-09 11:06:10

Carys or Seren

boodleboot Thu 07-May-09 11:34:53

i really like Eilys pronounced ire-liss and Elonwy.... but out of your two i prefer Carys

fin42 Fri 08-May-09 21:52:39

I love Cerys, that would have been ds had he been a dd, I've always loved Ceri as a nn.
Also like Enfys, Deryn and Delith.

morningsun Fri 08-May-09 21:58:11

i love cerys but both are nice!

MrsMcCluskey Fri 08-May-09 21:59:35

Prefer cerys

notsoteenagemum Fri 08-May-09 22:16:16

I like Carys better I think it sounds softer, and I used to look after a beautiful Carys.
What about Seren, Megan, Bronwen or Lowri.

Nekabu Sat 09-May-09 09:13:10

I prefer Cerys. What about Morwenna if you're not keen on either though?

Babylove502 Sat 09-May-09 09:43:23

what about olwyn?

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