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is wren a girls or boys name ?

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bumpsoon Wed 29-Apr-09 17:19:21

yes i know its a bird !!!!

hf128219 Wed 29-Apr-09 17:20:28

Well I would say a girl.

WorzselMummage Wed 29-Apr-09 17:20:48

I'd have thought a Girls name.

It's really pretty

TheOtherMaryPoppinsDiets Wed 29-Apr-09 17:20:49


TrillianAstra Wed 29-Apr-09 17:20:52


ramonaquimby Wed 29-Apr-09 17:21:09

would say girl

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid Wed 29-Apr-09 17:21:16

I have never heard of this name before and it's not in my 1000 baby names book

so it may be quite rare grin

wickerman Wed 29-Apr-09 17:22:04

well it's small and cute so suggests femaleness jenny wren etc

wotsits Wed 29-Apr-09 17:22:20

I think girl, as in jenny wren.

Greensleeves Wed 29-Apr-09 17:22:33

my ds2 is small and cute!

I think it could be either. I like it for a boy.

hf128219 Wed 29-Apr-09 17:23:54

CuppaTeaJanice Wed 29-Apr-09 17:35:48

Haven't heard of Wren, but Ren is unisex - Ren & Stimpy (male) and there's a female Ren in one of the American teen sitcoms.

seeker Wed 29-Apr-09 17:37:55

Girl's - but if you have to ask, don't use it.

PLEASE don't call a boy Wren - it's cruel.

Kwini Wed 29-Apr-09 17:41:06

Have to say, seeker, I don't think it's really for you to beg someone not to use a name she might like...

(as it happens, the OP didn't ask for opinions!)

pinkmagic1 Wed 29-Apr-09 17:41:11

Girls, to feminine for a boy.

NorbertDentressangle Wed 29-Apr-09 17:44:31

I knew a boy called Wren/Ren ( it was his full, christened name but I'm not sure of spelling) he would be about 40 now

singersgirl Wed 29-Apr-09 17:45:10

Neither. It's a bird's name.

seeker Wed 29-Apr-09 17:46:44

Sure bumpsoon's delighted to have you fighting her corner, kwini.

She didn't say I couldn't express an opinion, did she - and some things need to be said.

paisleyleaf Wed 29-Apr-09 17:46:51

I don't know
Is Robin just a boy's name, or is it unisex?
But then you've got jenny wren.

I've never heard of it as a name.

Kwini Wed 29-Apr-09 18:11:33

"some things need to be said"

Does this make you the self-appointed guardian of good judgement?

lou031205 Wed 29-Apr-09 18:15:09

I worked with a male charge nurse called Wren. He didn't seem troubled by his name.

chequersmate Wed 29-Apr-09 18:16:17

It's a bird's name.


lotspot Wed 29-Apr-09 19:04:55

I'm not sure I could say either way!

its fairly unisex in my mind I think

Reminds me strongly of the girls name Erin for some reason!!

Littlefish Wed 29-Apr-09 19:09:12

Kwini - Seeker has expressed an opinion. You, on the other hand are simply being a bit snide in my opinion. Give it a rest.

girlandboy Wed 29-Apr-09 19:11:57

Only heard of L'Wren, who is Mick Jagger's lady.

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