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cuddlemum Tue 21-Apr-09 10:14:25

Just wondered if I could have some opinions on this name please. What sort of image does it conjure up for you? Isit popular?

belgo Tue 21-Apr-09 10:33:54

I like it. It's pretty, not too girly.

tummytickler Tue 21-Apr-09 10:49:17

It is ok - like the nn Jazz from it. It is very popular though - dd goes to school with 3 (she is 8) ds with 2 (different school he is 6), and i know a couple more from baby/toddler groups.
The flower is lovely, but i just think it is one of the more boring flower names, prefer Rose even to Jasmine.

littlesilversnowbeetle Tue 21-Apr-09 10:50:27

I like it. It is super-popular here though.

kslatts Tue 21-Apr-09 10:55:15

I like it, I work with a Jasmine and she is known as Jazz.

SouthernMeerkat Tue 21-Apr-09 13:30:29

My cousin called her baby girl Jasmine - she's now 2. I wasn't sure at first, but it's grown on me....a bit!

blametheparents Tue 21-Apr-09 13:35:44

I like it. There is just 1 (I think) at DS's school.

jellybeans Tue 21-Apr-09 13:42:35

Nice name, pretty, feminine.

HarryB Tue 21-Apr-09 14:10:32

Jasmine is nice but very popular. I like Yasmin too, which is also popular.

suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 14:18:28

I read/heard somewhere (probably on here!) that it was chavvy, although I am not of that opinion myself. None that I know of in DD's whole school although 2 in her class with it as a middle name.

Tortoise Tue 21-Apr-09 14:21:24

My DD2 is Yazmin. I like both names.
I don't know any Jasmine's or Yazmin's around here.

LizzyIzzyLou Tue 21-Apr-09 14:21:57

I really liked it until I posted on MN about it and it was called chavvy and I was also told about the bratz doll called Jasmine which put me off as well.

We're going for Rosa now

suwoo Tue 21-Apr-09 14:59:16

It might have been your post I was thinking of Lizzy. I don't think its chavvy.

Tortoise Tue 21-Apr-09 17:59:47

The Bratz doll is Yasmine not Jasmine. smile

basementbear Tue 21-Apr-09 18:01:28

I like Jasmine and Yazmin, don't think they are chavvy but both are vpopular

MintyyAeroEgg Tue 21-Apr-09 18:04:40

Like Jasmine very much. It makes me think of the flower (which has a lovely scent and is small white flowers on a very pretty climbing plant).

BunnyLebowski Tue 21-Apr-09 18:04:59

I like it too. It's pretty and girly. Don't know any round these parts.

LizzyIzzyLou Tue 21-Apr-09 18:05:21

It was a MNer who told me that Tortise

FlyMeToDunoon Tue 21-Apr-09 18:14:11

I like it but there is Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladin

lljkk Tue 21-Apr-09 18:22:49

The 2nd most popular name around here.
Doesn't do anything for me, but nothing wrong with it, either.

LizzyIzzyLou Tue 21-Apr-09 18:24:49

Whats the most popualr name lljkk?

pinkmagic1 Tue 21-Apr-09 18:31:44

My DD is Yasmin, would hate to think people think its chavvy. I love Jasmine too, its popular here, but not too popular to make it too popular, if you know what I mean!

LaDiDaDi Tue 21-Apr-09 19:06:36

I like it, don't like Jazz as a nn though.

Tortoise Tue 21-Apr-09 21:12:49

My DD's NN is Mini. My friend calls her Yazz and i don't like that!

ohdearwhatamess Tue 21-Apr-09 21:25:17

Lovely name.

Don't know any children with this name. A good friend of mine has this name, but she is known as Jas by everyone (and that suits her much more than Jasmine would).

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