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Pineapples Sat 18-Apr-09 23:44:45

I really like Mackenzie for a girl, what do you think?

InTheScrum Sat 18-Apr-09 23:47:49

It means "Son of tha handsome one"

simpson Sat 18-Apr-09 23:49:37

great name for a boy but not for a girl IMO

Ronaldinhio Sat 18-Apr-09 23:49:38

Are you American? If not, no.

tigerdriver Sat 18-Apr-09 23:50:03


bigted Sun 19-Apr-09 00:23:06

horrible !
sorry, you did ask

SK1980 Sun 19-Apr-09 00:42:38

Sorry, going on honest first impressions - chav immediately springs to mind. I think it's horrible.

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid Sun 19-Apr-09 00:47:35

the little girl in 'Friends' was called this so it's definitely popular in America.

I like it blush

expatinscotland Sun 19-Apr-09 00:47:36

It's my MIL's maiden name. SURNAME.

Um, no.

jellybeans Sun 19-Apr-09 05:47:01

Don't like.

DuffyFluckling Sun 19-Apr-09 05:58:12

Wasn't one of the Slayers called Mackenzie?

violethill Sun 19-Apr-09 09:54:54


Thunderduck Sun 19-Apr-09 11:28:35

Noooooooooo. It's an awful name.

This is one of my most hated names. I really do feel strongly about this one. And yes it's rather chav I'm afraid.

ellingwoman Sun 19-Apr-09 11:30:52

Only ever heard it before when there was a BB contestant (male) called Kenzie. Nuff said wink

ellingwoman Sun 19-Apr-09 11:31:55

Oh, hang on, Mackenzie Crook (Cook?), from The Office and Pirates of the Caribbean. Male again

pointydog Sun 19-Apr-09 11:46:19

I know rowling's done it but it's awful.

It's a surname

pointydog Sun 19-Apr-09 11:46:51

rowling's daugghter is mckenzie I think

aGalChangedHerName Sun 19-Apr-09 11:58:58

I know 2 McKenzies,one a boy and the other a girl.

BunnyLebowski Sun 19-Apr-09 12:08:01

Awful, americanised, tacky and chavvy.

ShowOfHands Sun 19-Apr-09 12:15:11

It's beyond horrid.

SoupDragon Sun 19-Apr-09 12:25:30


Leannabanana Sun 19-Apr-09 12:54:07

no. its really not good.

Bonneville Sun 19-Apr-09 13:04:38

Horrid, chavtastic.

edam Sun 19-Apr-09 13:18:42

Your baby, your choice, but I wouldn't recommend it, for all the reasons given below.

RachieB Mon 20-Apr-09 09:55:21

Not nice for a boy, and def not a girl IMO

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