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Opinions on Katy please

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mickeylou Wed 15-Apr-09 15:56:12

26 weeks pregnant and struggling for a name. DS is Billy. DH is very keen on Katy. I am still undecided as wanted something less popular but suffering from total lack of inspiration. what do you think of Katy and would you go for
Katy Grace
Katy Louise or
Katy Rose

FlirtyThirty Wed 15-Apr-09 15:58:16

I really like it...though personally prefer the 'ie' spelling.

Would choose Katy Louise from your list.


everGreensleeves Wed 15-Apr-09 15:58:41

I live it but would choose a more unusual middle name

TheFallenMadonna Wed 15-Apr-09 16:00:18

I don't know many Katys. And I prefer yor spelling to Katie.

Pinkjenny Wed 15-Apr-09 16:01:37

My MIL is Katie.

mickeylou Wed 15-Apr-09 16:01:40

i'm just not keen on ie endings - not sure why!!

FaintlyMacabre Wed 15-Apr-09 16:01:50

I would go for Katherine shortened to Katy. (slight bias as it is my name!) But please pick a more unusual middle name. My parents didn't and I wish they had!

mickeylou Wed 15-Apr-09 16:02:45

is that a good or bad thing Pinkjenny? wink

mickeylou Wed 15-Apr-09 16:04:43

My sister is Catherine so I dont want to do the longer version. take your point about the middle name though. will have another think!

pointydog Wed 15-Apr-09 16:16:29

I like it. I like all your options. Fine names

changename1 Wed 15-Apr-09 16:53:22

Hi love Katy (with the y) i wanted it for dd but dh didn't so she has katherine as her middle name.

cory Wed 15-Apr-09 16:56:29

Know several Katies and Katys; I think it's a nice name either way.

jellybeans Wed 15-Apr-09 17:22:26

I prefer 'ie' at the end. I know lots of both spellings. Katie Grace is nice.

Clure Wed 15-Apr-09 17:30:00

Really like the name Katy, like just Kate also. Think out of your middle names I prefer Katy Rose

ItsMargotBeaurEGGarde Wed 15-Apr-09 17:34:05

Boring. I went to school with Katies, and people I know are still having Katies.

Very classic though. So not a bad choice. It hasn't ever gone away long enough to be interesting.

But I would never think 'oh stupid name' or 'oh awful name'. IYKWIM.

ilovemydogandMrObama Wed 15-Apr-09 17:37:02

As long as you know that Katy is also a cider....

fruitbeard Wed 15-Apr-09 18:27:18

We called DD Caitlin because we wanted to call her Kate (or Cait!) but my name's Catherine so it would have been a bit too weird to give her the long version too. Not keen on names that are shortened versions of 'proper' names, tbh, I think giving the full name and shortening it gives the child more choice in later life.

Although we do call DD 'Katie' we try not to have to write it down it unless we really have to... (Caitie? Caity? It just looks wrong...!)

screamingabdab Wed 15-Apr-09 18:47:13

Sorry, bit "twee" for my taste.

There are lots of other lovely names with "ie" at the end, though

oldwomanwholivedinashoe Wed 15-Apr-09 18:49:02

love it. think katie louise is classy and timeless.

mickeylou Wed 15-Apr-09 19:47:02

the cider thing is completely lost on me to be honest!

Takver Wed 15-Apr-09 19:48:01

Good name (well I would think so), but do be prepared for there to be lots of them. I was one of 6 Kate/Katy variants in a class of 15 girls in primary school, and all but one of the women I work with is a Kate or Catherine. I think it has been in the top 50 names every year for the last 100 . . .
(And screamingabdab NOT ONE of us is twee.)

Mamazon Wed 15-Apr-09 19:49:03

my grandad would call every girl he knew kate. no one ever knew why, it was just what he called us all, despite it not being any of our names.

I think that any future daughter will at the very least have it as a middle name.

georgimama Wed 15-Apr-09 19:52:54

Unpretentious and pretty name. I agree Katherine and Katy for short, it's just a bit more "grown up" for when she is, well, a grown up.

Leannabanana Wed 15-Apr-09 19:54:19

how about Katy Elizabeth.

nice and traditional no nonsense sounding name.

lockets Wed 15-Apr-09 20:00:12

Message withdrawn

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