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I would never have believed this had I not seen it with my own eyes... a brother and sister...

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MarlaSinger Wed 15-Apr-09 13:26:34

Ayman and Aimen.

I shit you not.

rubyslippers Wed 15-Apr-09 13:27:17



LuluisgoingtobeanAunty Wed 15-Apr-09 13:29:35

that is slightly surreal to say the least

how do you know the spelling?

MarlaSinger Wed 15-Apr-09 13:32:01

I work in education <vague> and we were archiving some bits and bobs. Had to double and triple check that it wasn't one person and a duplication, until someone mentioned the dates of birth were three years apart.

MarlaSinger Wed 15-Apr-09 13:32:45

And then pointed out the gender, obviously.

I am not sure which way round it was though! I think Ayman was the boy.

LuluisgoingtobeanAunty Wed 15-Apr-09 13:33:07

crikey. that is quite odd, non? <<understatement>>

LadyOfWaffle Wed 15-Apr-09 13:34:31

shock i knew twins Roy & Joy, but that's just Odd.

MarlaSinger Wed 15-Apr-09 13:34:51

Well, I hope it was an error or a joke. I can't quite understand. I assumed Ayman was like Eamon but Aimen?? The mind doth boggle.

I see lots of great spellings but try not to judge on those too much, this was too good to pass up though!

MarlaSinger Wed 15-Apr-09 13:35:15

Roy and Joy! grin that's brilliant, how lovely grin

LadyOfWaffle Wed 15-Apr-09 13:42:21

They were in theirs 40 aswell!

PinkTulips Wed 15-Apr-09 13:45:54

are they twins?

not that that excuses it!

they should bring back those laws that state if it's not a recognised name it can't be used. when my dad was registering me in holland with an irish name they almost wouldn't let him, they took ages to ensure it was actually a known name and even then weren't happy with it! he gave up without giving me my middle name as a result as the thought of explaining a fada to the registrar was too much for him!

FAQinglovely Wed 15-Apr-09 13:48:15

PT - well that rule wouldn't have worked in the the OP's case as they're both recognised proper names.

PinkTulips Wed 15-Apr-09 13:48:39

a woman i know has called her two youngest who are just over a year apart; Shauna and Sean hmm

i thought that was odd but compared to this it's not really!

LovelyBertha Wed 15-Apr-09 13:49:44

There were a brother and sister at the school I used to work at (so close in a age they were in the same class) called Michelle and Michael. Wierd. Not as bad as Ayman and Aimen though.

Tidey Wed 15-Apr-09 13:50:25

I know of a family with a boy called Kody and girl called Cady. Ayman and Aimen just seems mean though, they sound exactly the same.

PinkTulips Wed 15-Apr-09 13:51:28

FAQ... are they, really? Ayman? shock

Aiman i can almost believe but Ayman surely not?

what culture do they originate from? how are they pronounced... is there some huge phonetic differance we're missing?

FAQinglovely Wed 15-Apr-09 13:53:29

both Arabic names - but from what I can see they're both variations of the same name.

Although a few websites do say that "Aimen" is the female version meaning "congratulations" and Ayman the boys version meaning "right hand"

ten10 Wed 15-Apr-09 13:53:29

not exactly the same situation

but I did know two sisters called
Tia and Maria

FAQinglovely Wed 15-Apr-09 13:58:01

possibly the most infamous Ayman in the world?

ilovemydogandMrObama Wed 15-Apr-09 13:59:33

Adam and Eve -- brother and sister...

(and had a brother named 'Nelson')

PinkTulips Wed 15-Apr-09 14:13:50

can't say i think of leaders of militant extremist religious groups by their first names so no wonder that one passed me by FAQ wink

SarahL2 Wed 15-Apr-09 14:16:23

I went to school with a Nicholas and Noel - twins born on Christmas day. They even had a dog called Holly!!

And when I worked for the IT department of a large high street bank, I was once asked to remove a staff members middle name from the records.

Apprently the name "Moron" was causing her some problems [snigger]

GreenMonkies Wed 15-Apr-09 14:25:32

The Duggers have both a Joy-Anna and a Johannah, but that's not the only scarey thing about them!! shock

FAQinglovely Wed 15-Apr-09 14:29:17

really PT I'm shocked wink

PinkTulips Wed 15-Apr-09 14:38:26

the duggers are mental anyway though, they might as well just call them 1 through 17 (or is it 18 now?) as once she pops each baby out she just assigns an older child to mind it and gets on with producing another

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