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Looking for a name for a third triplet.

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TripleBYPass Mon 13-Apr-09 19:03:36

If all girls we have decided upon Dolly and Hattie and would quite like the third name to be a "thing" something visual to match the other names but we're stuck as we're not too keen on Floral names (apart from Rosa)

I am posting for the first time on my friends log in and feel slightly cheeky that my first contribution is a question rather than a reply.

I will be checking this post later tonight and hope there will be some response. Thanks for reading.

Cies Mon 13-Apr-09 19:10:57


foxinsocks Mon 13-Apr-09 19:13:10


(but they do all end in the sound ee then)

HecAteTheEasterBunny Mon 13-Apr-09 19:13:18

hi. smile

Are you sure you want 'matching' names, iyswim? Maybe instead of rhyming names, something a bit less close so they're more individual? (just an opinion, hope you're not cross)

rubyslippers Mon 13-Apr-09 19:13:56


pooka Mon 13-Apr-09 19:14:25

Beatrice shortened to Bea? (as in Bee)

Foods? Cherry. Coco? (not keen myself, but just suggestions)

pooka Mon 13-Apr-09 19:15:11


pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:15:50

Do you mean you see the name Hattie as looking like a hat? INteresting way of looking at it.

Stella is latin for star.
What about a colour, like Scarlett? Violet?

Littlefish Mon 13-Apr-09 19:15:54

I agree with Hecate.

Are you convinced about Hattie - sorry, but it always makes me think of Batty Hattie.

Harriet is lovely and gives you (and she) the option of a more "formal" name later in life.

pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:16:30

Sapphire, sticking to jewels

AuntieMaggie Mon 13-Apr-09 19:16:31

Not sure about the something visual idea (seems a bit weird to me - who wants to be named after a hat?) but I think you need something with the same end sound to the others and also quite traditional sounding.


Tinker Mon 13-Apr-09 19:17:01


pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:19:20

Tilda (rice - har)

Littlefish Mon 13-Apr-09 19:19:45

Can I be blunt please. It think that having three names with the same end sound is horribly twee.

It will also mean that when you call one of them, they will all ignore you because they will all think you've shouted to one of the others because they've only heard the last sound. It will drive you bonkers grin.

flightoftheeasterbunyip Mon 13-Apr-09 19:20:11

Floss grin

Bit too visual maybe.

Seriously, I like Dorothy and harriet. Am racking brain for another similar thing.

Winnie springs to mind. Although I'd prefer you didn't, because I want it for my next baby grin

randomname Mon 13-Apr-09 19:20:18


TripleBYPass Mon 13-Apr-09 19:21:36

Thank you very much for the info.
It may sound silly but I want to be able apply something visual to their things/clothes but only some of the time. I forgot to mention that Hattie would be Harriet and Dolly would be Dolores which is an old family name.I hadn't considered Stella which I think is very pretty and I love stars.For boys I like Rowan/Joshua/Bay, again easy to apply visuals.Some may think it naff but I think it will be sweet.

Rumpel Mon 13-Apr-09 19:24:02

How about Rosemary?
or Aurora?

pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:24:27

You stick with your idea, triple. I like it grin

pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:24:48


artichokes Mon 13-Apr-09 19:27:43

Stones: Ruby, Amber, Jade, Pearl, Emerald, Gem(ma)
Places: Georgia, India, Atlanta, Oceana, Sienna, Florence, Savannah
Weather: Storm, Summer, Rain
American names: Brook, Taylor

If I wanted to obey your rules I would go for Florence. It is a lovely name. A stunning city. And it has lots of nicknames (Flora, Florrie, Flo).

flightoftheeasterbunyip Mon 13-Apr-09 19:30:17

I think it's sweet as well smile

You could have little coat pegs with a painted picture next to them, I always meant to do that for mine, like at primary school!

And have never got round to it blush not that they ever hang up their coats...

pointydog Mon 13-Apr-09 19:31:55

brooke, taylor, tim

chequersmate Mon 13-Apr-09 19:33:03

Triplets, congratulations!!!

How is Joshua visual though?

foxinsocks Mon 13-Apr-09 19:33:42

yes I like it and let's face it, you're going to need to be able to tell them apart pretty easily wink

Ruby would be good and red easy to get hold of

I LOVE Dolores. Haven't heard it for years.

You could call the other one Grace and always dress her in posh dresses wink

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