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Katherine or Katharine? or Rebecca? or Georgina?

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minesacheeseandpicklesandwich Mon 06-Apr-09 11:13:02

opinions anybody?

Wheelybug Mon 06-Apr-09 11:17:26

Katherine or Rebecca.

Georgina fine too - but prefer the others.

tummytickler Mon 06-Apr-09 11:23:42

Love Georgina.
Katherine is ok,
Really dislike Rebecca - sorry

jumpyjan Mon 06-Apr-09 11:25:39

I think Rebecca is a lovely name. Not keen on the shortened versions - becky etc but Rebecca I love.

wotulookinat Mon 06-Apr-09 11:31:10

Georgina is my favourite from that list, then Rebecca.

TrillianEAstraEgg Mon 06-Apr-09 11:33:23

All nice names (unusual for a baby names thread! wink), but Spell Katherine with an e.

gonaenodaethat Mon 06-Apr-09 11:35:00

I like Catherine. Seems more feminine somehow.

TrillianEAstraEgg Mon 06-Apr-09 11:40:34

Katherine is basically saying 'I want to shorten this to Katie/Katy/Kat rather than Cath/Cathy'

minesacheeseandpicklesandwich Mon 06-Apr-09 11:44:59

Trillian, that's exactly it!

Has no-one else seen it with an a then? I keep seeing this version places and wasn't sure how common it was. I think it's an American spelling, though I would like this confirmed.

Not keen on Rebecca either, but figure DP has to have some say... blush

jambutty Mon 06-Apr-09 11:45:25

I have a Catherine who we decided to call Katy (to try to avoid Cath/Cathy). She's not confused, but a lot of the adults around her seem to be.
Also like the other two.

mrsdisorganised Mon 06-Apr-09 11:51:54

Georgina and Rebecca.

BexieID Mon 06-Apr-09 11:55:28

Rebecca, but i'm biased wink. My mum only named me Rebecca as she wanted to call me Beckie hmm.

purpleflower Mon 06-Apr-09 11:56:25

I have a Rebecca. She is 6 months and hasn't had her name shortened yet. A few people have asked but we have just said we like the full name.

I also like Katherine but obviously prefer Rebecca wink

RachieB Mon 06-Apr-09 16:17:20

I like Catherine best ( Cate or Cat for short)

don't like it with a K as much

Rebecca is nice

Not keen on Georgina but Georgia is ok

LauriefairycakeeatsCupid Mon 06-Apr-09 16:19:14

they are all lovely, inoffensive names smile

How about Taezar-Amelia-Jane or something wacky wink

Twims Mon 06-Apr-09 16:21:01

Love Georgina - but it is my name grin

qumquat Mon 06-Apr-09 16:37:24

I know lots of Katherines (and Catherines for that matter) who are called Katherine, not shortened, it's not a name that's inevitably shortened if you don't want it to be. And it's beautiful! Much nicer than the other two. Katherine or Katharine fine with me, much prefer it with a K though!

sassy Mon 06-Apr-09 16:39:51

I've got a REbecca and a Catherine (called Cassie). Great names, obviously. wink

minesacheeseandpicklesandwich Mon 06-Apr-09 18:08:52

As for the spelling, seems it's definitely Katherine, not Katharine. Makes me feel easier, thank-you, knowing the opinion on spellings on here... wink

I like Rebecca, it's just that I've known too many ditzy ones. Not unintelligent, just... not the most sensible people I've ever met. I'm not saying that by using that name I'll be consigning my DD-to-be to a life of Bridget Jones-dom, but with the genes she's inheriting I don't want to risk it. All you Rebeccas who've been kind enough to post, what do you think?

Georgina could become Georgiana, or is that a bit too erghhh? That's about as wacky as I want to go!

BonsoirAnna Mon 06-Apr-09 18:14:17


Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 06-Apr-09 18:17:31

No, they're all wrong, it's Katharine not Katherine, and I should know.

However if you are called Katharine you spend your life being mis-spelled as Kathryn, so maybe better to call her Rebecca.

minesacheeseandpicklesandwich Mon 06-Apr-09 18:21:29

My ex SIL is Kathryn and I don't want her to think the wrong thing (lovely though she is, it's not after her.)

Kathy, do you know anything about it being an Americanised version?

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 06-Apr-09 18:23:21

Most the people I have known who were actually called Kathryn had some Welsh connection. It may be more popular in America.

MrsMattie Mon 06-Apr-09 18:24:05

Katharine makes me shudder, don't know why.

BonsoirAnna Mon 06-Apr-09 18:25:51

Catherine and Katharine are the traditional spellings.

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