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twentysixseven Mon 30-Mar-09 01:56:06

Whats your take on Eden for a girl?

JodieO Mon 30-Mar-09 01:59:52

I like it.

Leannabanana Mon 30-Mar-09 07:54:49

Eden - gorgeous. Edie for short

Phoenix Mon 30-Mar-09 08:07:29

I love it but dh doesn't

twistedangel Mon 30-Mar-09 08:17:14

i hava an eden and she's 3 todaygrin
we also call her edie smile

carolinecordery Mon 30-Mar-09 08:19:58

Brilliant! Christian overtones though?

Leannabanana Mon 30-Mar-09 08:25:37

happy birthday

pandavark Mon 30-Mar-09 10:28:23

straight away i thought of edie in the film on the waterfront, played by the divine eva marie saint. to me it suggests an image of holy perfection, seems like a name that would be hard to live up to

FairLadyRantALot Mon 30-Mar-09 10:30:13

beautyful name!

cilitbang Mon 30-Mar-09 10:32:21

Love it

helsbels4 Mon 30-Mar-09 10:37:21

I'm glad you all like it so far because it's my dd's name grin. It was really unusual in my area four years ago when dd was born but I've heard of three or four others since then.

Stretch Mon 30-Mar-09 10:39:06

I know an Eden, just turned 1. Lovely name!

scrambledhead Mon 30-Mar-09 10:39:29

We know a boy called Eden and a girl called Edie...

ilovemydogandMrObama Mon 30-Mar-09 10:39:52

My best friend at school was Eden.

mrswoolf Mon 30-Mar-09 10:46:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HecAteTheEasterBunny Mon 30-Mar-09 10:47:38

nope. Eden is better for a boy. imo.

bamboostalks Mon 30-Mar-09 10:48:47

Eden is the next Jade imo, I do not like it.

kidcreoleandthehotcrossbuns Mon 30-Mar-09 10:49:14

I love the name. In fact I wanted it as DS's middle name but DP didnt like it sad

LetThemEatCake Mon 30-Mar-09 11:10:24

I like Eden for a boy or girl but I'm afraid I can't bear Edie

bluebump Mon 30-Mar-09 11:12:45

I knew I boy called Eden once and he hated it and went by Eddie but I really like it, for a girl anyway.

notagrannyyet Mon 30-Mar-09 11:34:00

The only Eden I know is a girl. Don't like it for a boy.

Funnybunnyyumyum Mon 30-Mar-09 11:41:19

Sound a bit hippyish?

Nancy66 Mon 30-Mar-09 11:53:02

No, sorry - agree with the person that said it's the next Jade.

CrushWithEyeliner Mon 30-Mar-09 11:55:02

no, it's a bit of a silly name

ItsMargotBeauregarde Mon 30-Mar-09 12:36:11

I think it's awful. Sounds like a nightclub.

Edie is lovely though, so at least it doesn't really matter, and Eden can be Edith when she grows up and realises her name is in telephone boxes all over the country.

Edith is the far classier choice.

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