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Elsie?? Old woman's name or pretty name?

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xxhunnyxx Mon 23-Mar-09 14:00:18

Just thought I'd ask opinions on this.
I heard that James Morrison has named his little girl Elsie and I was thinking if you actually disassiociate it with being an old woman's name it is a really pretty name.
15/16 years ago when my sister was named Grace there was a lot of comments on the lines of 'oh that's unusual name these days' and now it's one of the most popular girls names.
Is Elsie making a come back or would I be subjecting my daughter to a life time of cruel old biddy comments?

belgo Mon 23-Mar-09 14:02:00

Elsie is very pretty, probably coming back into fashion.

rubyslippers Mon 23-Mar-09 14:05:08

I personally prefer Elisa or Elise but not sure about Elsie - it may be a grower

kingprawntikka Mon 23-Mar-09 14:07:25

I once knew a lady with this name .She was elderly so probably a typical name for her generation. She hated it said it sounded like the name of a prostitute!!

xxhunnyxx Mon 23-Mar-09 14:26:28

lol I don't think there's many prostitutes called Elsie these days ha ha
I did think that Elise might be a better option, similar but more modern.

snice Mon 23-Mar-09 14:27:22

Ailsa is v pretty too.

girlandboy Mon 23-Mar-09 14:27:49

My Grandma's name was Elsie grin

However, I like it!

choosyfloosy Mon 23-Mar-09 14:28:02

I love Elsie, i associate it with What Katy Did. Very pretty. (I do love Clover even more, i have to say).

ruty Mon 23-Mar-09 14:28:46

i think it is very sweet. if you think and disassociate it from the old lady tag it is very pretty.

unavailable Mon 23-Mar-09 14:40:05

Hmmm, it does feel a bit 1930s to me too. How about swapping a few letters around - Elise?

unavailable Mon 23-Mar-09 14:41:46

Ah, just seen that hunny got there first. (I am a little slow I'm afraid.)

RachieB Mon 23-Mar-09 14:57:47

its one of the nicer "old lady" names IMO

Stilla Mon 23-Mar-09 15:04:24

I like Elsie
I know some one who looked after a girl called Elsie .(who was about 7 at the time) I associated it as an old lady name and disliked it( having an elderly aunt who was rather unpleasant with that name) and could hardly bring myself to say her name! But it grew on me - and she was a very pretty girl and carried it off . Her sister had an equally old fashioned name.

KAEKAE Mon 23-Mar-09 15:06:03

I liked this a while back, but I went off it a bit when someone mentioned it was a maids name...along with the likes of Molly and Maisie!!!!

Indith Mon 23-Mar-09 15:06:20

I saw Elsie on a gravestone the other day and started thinking "oh if I have another dd that would be lovely". I think it is great.

I should point out that I was strolling around the church yard waiting for baby group to start, I don't usually sit and read graves.

needmorehoursinaweek Mon 23-Mar-09 15:09:43

Elsie was my grandmas name. I like it. There were also 4 sisters we used to call 'Aunty', I think they were probably related in some way. They were call Polly, Laura, Emma and Alice......Think some of those names have been round again and gone.

pranma Mon 23-Mar-09 15:15:41

It is sweet and pretty imho

TabithaTwitchet Mon 23-Mar-09 15:18:10

It is OK, I much prefer Elsa

bluebump Mon 23-Mar-09 15:22:16

It's quite pretty but I prefer Elsa or Elise.

mrsbabookaloo Mon 23-Mar-09 15:23:26

I know 3 Elsies under 3, so I think it's definitely having a comeback.

screamingabdab Mon 23-Mar-09 16:43:39

Making a comeback, like Connie (another name i like)

What about Edie or Elvie, for something similar-but-different, Or Maggie?

MitchyInge Mon 23-Mar-09 16:46:44

makes me think of Elsa the lion cub from Born Free, what a fab name

WelliesAndPyjamas Mon 23-Mar-09 16:50:27

love it

v pretty

MrsMattie Mon 23-Mar-09 16:55:16

Cute. Already a few of them round here.

Jenbot Mon 23-Mar-09 17:57:49

My grandma's name. I like it.

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