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Kwini Fri 27-Feb-09 13:18:36

for a girl

southeastastra Fri 27-Feb-09 13:20:55

only if you don't mind the associations with tatum 'drug addict, botoxed froot loop' (allegedly) o'neil

PrimulaVeris Fri 27-Feb-09 13:26:57

I always misread it as 'Tantrum'

RachieB Fri 27-Feb-09 23:00:06

Only knew of one little girl called that

but it was spelt Tautum or something!

Tate as short form is too boyish i feel

FairLadyRantALot Fri 27-Feb-09 23:29:11

tatum, don't know, very rare, very american...
not a girley name along with megan and tegan

Knickers0nMaHead Fri 27-Feb-09 23:45:29

No no no no no.

Lots of beautiful names you can chose!

plonker Fri 27-Feb-09 23:46:40

Never heard if it. Not really got any strong thoughts either way ...

Hangingbellyofbabylon Fri 27-Feb-09 23:49:39

it's ugly, there is no need. Wouldn't think it was a girl or a boy really, just not a first name at all.

nnibnabs Fri 27-Feb-09 23:51:22


Wolfblass Sat 28-Feb-09 15:39:28

Nope agree with knickersonmahead

Nancy66 Sat 28-Feb-09 15:45:59


MrsMattie Sat 28-Feb-09 18:12:37

God awful

rubyslippers Sat 28-Feb-09 18:12:56


Poppyscock Sat 28-Feb-09 18:15:08

Too much like tantrum

Yeni Sat 28-Feb-09 20:23:52

Tantrumming Tatum O'Neal

tearinghairout Sat 28-Feb-09 20:26:40

Sorry, it's a no here too. But if you love it enough, stick with it. You'll be the one shouting it up the stairs for the next 18 years!

paolosgirl Sat 28-Feb-09 20:27:21

What Yeni said

No no no no no no noooooooo

nappyaddict Wed 04-Mar-09 00:18:02

How is it pronounced?

RachieB Wed 04-Mar-09 10:22:38

Tate - um

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