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Middle name suggestions needed for Poppy, Harry or Toby

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mickeylou Thu 26-Feb-09 13:15:54

Its nearly time for my 20 week scan. DH is against finding out the sex so i need inspiration for both as its going to be a suprise. [sulk]

I'm pretty sure we are decided on Poppy for a girl.

For a boy i like Harry but DH not too keen and i am slightly worried by over popularity. The other boys name we can agree on is Toby.

middle name suggestions for all three greatly appreciated. we have a long surname which begins with G so i have to be careful with intials spelling anything dodgy!

DS is Billy by the way.

100yearsofsolitude Thu 26-Feb-09 13:23:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Thu 26-Feb-09 13:25:28

Poppy Jane

James works with both Harry and Toby.

divedaisy Thu 26-Feb-09 13:26:05

Toby/Harry (Harrison??) James/Charles/David/ G*
Poppy Rose/Grace/Bell/Louise/Elaine/ ?? G*

What are your names - do you have middle ones that might go with your chosen names??

good luck!

popsycal Thu 26-Feb-09 13:26:18

harry james
fabulous nname


mickeylou Thu 26-Feb-09 13:29:09

My middle name is Louise so Poppy Louise could be quite nice. also quite like Poppy Grace.

Lilyloo Thu 26-Feb-09 13:29:27

I have Harry Charles
Harry Thomas
Harry James

Toby Luke
Toby Jack

Poppy Grace
Poppy Anne

MamaG Thu 26-Feb-09 13:31:57

BabyG is Harry James

BlueChampagne Thu 26-Feb-09 13:33:07

Toby Luke
Toby or Harry James
Toby or Harry Justin
Harry Simon

Poppy Leah
Poppy Judith
Poppy Karen
Poppy Meryl

popsycal Thu 26-Feb-09 13:33:09

i have A harry james being a tinker next to me, about to strangle ds3

Fimbo Thu 26-Feb-09 13:33:25

Toby Benjamin
Toby Nathaniel
Toby Samuel

Harry James
Harry Jacob
Harry Charles

Poppy Mae
Poppy Louisa
Poppy Susan

mumoftoby Thu 05-Mar-09 08:19:02

I have a Toby - his name is Tobias Luke!

sherby Thu 05-Mar-09 08:20:25

I have a Harry Thomas

RachieB Thu 05-Mar-09 10:23:06

Toby James is nice
as is Harri(son) James

I like Poppy May or Poppy Grace for a girl

insywinsyspider Thu 05-Mar-09 14:28:01

I have a Toby Mark (middle name after my dad) and a nephew Harry Edward (middle name is family name) - I think middle names work best if they are significant to the family (ds1's middle name is my dh's name) they are rarely used and its nice to have a family/place connection (also helps shorten the list smile)

all suggestions on here are good

chuckieegg2008 Thu 05-Mar-09 20:35:46

Poppy Rose
Poppy Mae
Poppy Jane
Poppy Grace
Poppy Hope

Harry James
Harry John
Harry Charles
Harry Jay
Harry Oliver

Toby James
Toby George
Toby Alex

chosenone Fri 06-Mar-09 15:22:57

Poppy Belle
Poppy Mae
Poppy Lou

I have a Harry Winston
Harry Sam (uel)
Harry James

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