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We're pregnant with baby number 7 and need inspiration!

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babynumber7 Sun 22-Feb-09 03:13:09

Righteo, have name changed for this because I want to give my other DCs names and don't want people in RL to be able to identify me by them and read some of my other, more personal posts!

DH and myself have just discovered we're pregnant again, we thought we'd give it one last shot and if it happened it happened and if not no worries.

Well we're thrilled to pieces but a bit stuck on names! having 6DCS already we've used up a lot of our favourite names!

So far we have:
DS1, Archibald Edward (Archie) 16
DD1, Christabelle Edie Jocasta 15
DD2, Ottilie Violet Grace 11
DS2, Hamish Rupert 7
DD3, Antigone Lila Rae nearly 3
DD4, Flossie Isabella Rose 1

so does anyone have any wise suggestions? we quite like Fabrizia, Seraphina, Delphi, Yveline, Ivy, Regan, Kitty and Isolde and for DSs Xerxes, Apollo, Oberon (king of the fairies connotations though, maybe too cruel?) Caspian, Ptolemy, Horatio and Titus.
But none of these seem to REALLY grab us.

kickassangel Sun 22-Feb-09 03:30:24

I LOVE ptolemy, but would never have the guts. you seem quite confident with names, so it would fit in. then, it can be shortened to Tom if he wants something else. Love, love it, do it to make up for me being such a wuss (and never havinga boy)
also liked ichabod?
how do you pronounce dd3 btw?

jabberwocky Sun 22-Feb-09 03:32:25

I like Seraphina and Horatio from your list.

I'm trying to think of names along the same line...



kickassangel Sun 22-Feb-09 03:36:17

not sure about fabrizia for a girl, too close to fabrizio for a boy, which i have heard of more. still, could be shortened to 'fab' grin
don't like kitty, xerxes, oberon

kickassangel Sun 22-Feb-09 03:37:13

congrats btw, i'm very jealous, can only have the 1 dd, but in my dreams i have a huge, rabblesome family, in a huge rambling farmhouse ...

lockets Sun 22-Feb-09 09:03:36

Message withdrawn

MinkyBorage Sun 22-Feb-09 09:05:55


primigravida Sun 22-Feb-09 09:06:59

Seraphina and Titus are my favourites. You seem to like Shakespearean names so what about Juliet or Helena for a girl and Leontes or Demetrius for a boy?

belgo Sun 22-Feb-09 09:07:08

Seraphina, Kitty, Delphine, and Ivy are all lovely. Regan is dreadful.

No idea how you pronounce Xerxes.

Only like Oberon and Caspian from your boy's list.

maretta Sun 22-Feb-09 09:07:44

Love the names you have so far.

GossipMonger Sun 22-Feb-09 09:12:36

xerxes is zurk-zees

antigone is an-tigg-on-nee

belgo Sun 22-Feb-09 09:13:29

My suggestions:
Otto for a boy, but too similar to Ottilie.
Ludo as someone already suggested.

belgo Sun 22-Feb-09 09:14:29

Rudy for a boy.

belgo Sun 22-Feb-09 09:16:29

I think I need to suggest Bartholmew again. It's a great name and will go very well with Archibald and Hamish.

wastingmyeducation Sun 22-Feb-09 09:19:20

I'm so jealous, I love grand names, but there was no convincing DH!

Love Horatio and Titus, but not keen on any of your girls choices.

BoffinMum Sun 22-Feb-09 09:23:54

Some more ideas:



It's quite nice thinking up fancy first names for a change - our surname is so pompous and grand we have to stick to relatively boring, solid first names the kids can spell tbh. grin

BoffinMum Sun 22-Feb-09 09:29:26

Some more:


Leopold (Leo for short)

lockets Sun 22-Feb-09 09:32:30

Message withdrawn

pasturesnew Sun 22-Feb-09 09:33:59

I like Seraphina and Isolde best on your list for girls.

For boys I like Caspian and Ptolemy best. Also suggest Orion, Fabian and Tristan.

belgo Sun 22-Feb-09 10:00:39


belgo Sun 22-Feb-09 10:03:19


MarmadukeScarlet Sun 22-Feb-09 10:09:28

grin did someone call?

belgo Sun 22-Feb-09 10:10:48


belgo Sun 22-Feb-09 10:16:28


This thread is fun.

wastingmyeducation Sun 22-Feb-09 10:23:02

Ooh, I love Hector!

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