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Chris Evans has named his little boy Noah... A goer or a no-er. Mumsnet you decide

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goodasgold Thu 12-Feb-09 01:34:08

Poor Chris Evans, it's too late for him.

LuLuBai Thu 12-Feb-09 07:03:34

I like it

littlemissbossy Thu 12-Feb-09 07:05:26

I like it too

JollyPirate Thu 12-Feb-09 07:22:15

I like Noah - it wasn't a name I considered for DS - just never even occurred to me. My friend's DS is called Noah too.

LoveMyLapTop Thu 12-Feb-09 07:22:58

Too late for what?
Noah is a great name

shootfromthehip Thu 12-Feb-09 07:24:38

Love it

PottyCock Thu 12-Feb-09 07:25:26

I don't like it, but it's none of my business anyway smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 12-Feb-09 07:29:23

Who built the ark? Noah, Noah
Who built the ark? Brother Noah built the ark.

I think of this song everytime I hear the name, but I love it none the less.

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Thu 12-Feb-09 07:33:53

Noah is a lovely name. Traditional without being boring.

Madmentalbint Thu 12-Feb-09 07:37:46

I love it! :-)
I know a Noah and he's totally gorgeous.

At least he didn't go all 'celebrity' and call him something ridiculous, like Flobbity-Woppit Evans hmm

squeaver Thu 12-Feb-09 07:51:59

I like it, but not sure about Noah Evans.

If your surname starts with a vowel, then the first name ending with a vowel (or vowel sound) sounds a bit odd to me.

LobstersLass Thu 12-Feb-09 08:00:57

I think it's a lovely name.

TotalChaos Thu 12-Feb-09 08:02:50

Fine but agree with Squeaver probably not the ideal combination.

FAQinglovely Thu 12-Feb-09 08:11:18

agree with squeaver about the combination - but Noah still a nice name,

Blackduck Thu 12-Feb-09 08:14:03

I have an ark boy so of course I am biased AND it was the only name dp and I agreed on..grin

twentypence Thu 12-Feb-09 08:17:11

I like Noah.

kslatts Thu 12-Feb-09 08:25:12

Love it

MarlaSinger Thu 12-Feb-09 08:25:48

Love it, it is DS's middle name.

LazyLinePainterJane Thu 12-Feb-09 08:27:04

I wouldn't use it with a vowel start surname (as already mentioned) but DS was almost Noah and another boy would be. I think it's a really nice name.

nicm Thu 12-Feb-09 08:45:55

i have a noah so love it!!

brightongirldownunder Thu 12-Feb-09 08:47:22

Its a great name.
Just lucky his surname wasn't Ark. Though love blackduck calling son "ark boy" - what a nickname!

beanieb Thu 12-Feb-09 08:50:57

I love it, but I know a 10 year old Noah and back then I am sure it was quite original - not so much these days.

2pt4kids Thu 12-Feb-09 08:53:07

Really lovely.
Was one of my final choices for ds2

lottiejenkins Thu 12-Feb-09 08:55:54

I think its a lovely name for such a beautiful baby....totally scrumptious....grin

LuLuBai Thu 12-Feb-09 09:01:16

Wow - how rare to get such a positive concensus on an MN baby name thread. Has this ever happened for a name before (let alone a sleb name?) Gold star for Chris Evans and his missus.

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