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Help choosing my new baby girls name, which do you like best ?

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Babydash Wed 11-Feb-09 18:21:12


I am expecting my first daughter after having 4 lovely sons and I cant decide between these names :


Would love to hear what you think and which name you like best.

Thanks X

jabberwocky Wed 11-Feb-09 18:22:37

I like Lani and Lola best

dizzyTHETARTANARMYdixies Wed 11-Feb-09 18:23:55

DD2 is Lexie - be warned, they definately know their own minds grin but then again with 4 big brothers she may need it grinwink

congratulations on your lovely brood

NorktasticNinja Wed 11-Feb-09 18:24:10

It depends what your sons are called really, although I'm definitely not keen on Shaunie or Lani...

troutpout Wed 11-Feb-09 18:28:15


daisy5 Wed 11-Feb-09 18:29:07


differentCupID Wed 11-Feb-09 18:29:09

If Shaunie was Shauna, then that one, but Lauren has my vote.

MrsBoo Wed 11-Feb-09 18:29:42

Lauren, or Lola, or what about Lara

mum2b09 Wed 11-Feb-09 18:30:41

Lani is my favourite its not a name iv heard alot and its really pretty the other names are pretty common where im from xxxx

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 11-Feb-09 18:31:19

Lexie or Lola

ScummyMummy Wed 11-Feb-09 18:33:06

Lola is the best on your list, imo.

GossipMonger Wed 11-Feb-09 18:35:23

Lani - no as it sounds made up

Lauren - Yes.

Lexie - yes but prefer it without an ie. Just i seems fine

Lola - no

Shaunie - ewwww no! But then again I despise the name Sean, Shaun so Shaunie would be that sort of name.

I work with a Shayla. Am not keen on the name but she is a sweetie!!

Sesi Wed 11-Feb-09 18:44:39

I like Lola best from your list. Though it is popular with celebs so could sound a bit wannabe.

What about:


LaDiDaDi Wed 11-Feb-09 18:45:47


MrsMattie Wed 11-Feb-09 18:46:04

I like Lola.

Lani is OK.

The rest aren't very nice, sorry.

atowncalledalice Wed 11-Feb-09 18:46:28


bodiddly Wed 11-Feb-09 19:08:35


PestoMonster Wed 11-Feb-09 19:09:09


janeite Wed 11-Feb-09 19:09:46

I don't like any of them, sorry. If I HAD to choose one, I'd say Lauren.

Tidey Wed 11-Feb-09 19:09:50

Lola and Lexie.

jennylindinha Wed 11-Feb-09 19:12:02

Yes, Lola and Lexie are my favourties!

What about Lyra?

TishB Wed 11-Feb-09 19:22:18


Lola & Lexie - very cute

Lani is quite unusal and I like unusual - let us know what you decide!!!

ohdearwhatamess Wed 11-Feb-09 19:23:20

Lola, but I'm not overkeen on any.

Lara is nicer, or Alex rather than Lexie, imho.

angrypixie Wed 11-Feb-09 19:41:32

Only Lola will do, so that her big brothers can all spout
'I have this little sister Lola, she is small & very funny'

lanismum Wed 11-Feb-09 20:05:51

Lani, I have one, have yet to meet or even hear of another.

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