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Theo - yes or no

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Frasersmum123 Tue 03-Feb-09 13:29:34

What do people think of Theo, and what middle name would you put with it?

I like Theo Joseph, but im not blown away by it.

eBook Mon 15-Oct-12 09:59:20

Three Year Old Thread

BlueSkySinking Sun 14-Oct-12 23:41:38

Theodore Sidney George

curvychick Mon 16-Feb-09 16:51:05

I love the name Theo and wanted it for ds2 and ds3.........everyone i knew kept going on about the guy from the cosby show and saying it was a name for a black baby shock In the end i was too much of a wimp to stick to my guns and go for Theo as everyone seemed so aginst it......but ds 3 did end up as Leo! If i had had my way though, he would have been Theo Jude.

with dc4, we will be keeping our name ideas to ourself wink

Jenf2306 Mon 16-Feb-09 14:38:05

i love theo - but my partner didn't. good job with had a girl or i would have argued with him.

its a lovely name


cakewench Sat 14-Feb-09 15:33:12

I love the name. :D I was considering it but I think we'll be sticking with our original choice, Tobias.

Also- Germans pronounce it Tay-o as well! My husband is from Germany and when I originally suggested the name, he popped up with some song that I now can't get out of my head. in case you're interested.

RiaParkinson Thu 05-Feb-09 21:16:27

mutt! grin

dp is the antithesis of poncetastic so he gets away with it!

lunamoon2 Thu 05-Feb-09 19:51:13

Personally no I do not like it

Mutt Thu 05-Feb-09 19:39:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wotulookinat Thu 05-Feb-09 18:31:03

Yes, Theo is cool.

RiaParkinson Thu 05-Feb-09 18:24:28

dp calls our Theodore 'Tay -o' so much cooler

nulgirl Thu 05-Feb-09 15:04:11

Love it. V popular in france at the mo - is a top 10 name. Is pronounced Tay-o there though

thumbwitch Thu 05-Feb-09 15:01:42

on the strength of this thread, I asked DH what he thought of the name Theodore (should we have another son) and he likes it too - hurrah!

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 04-Feb-09 18:08:16

uh,yes, ds does get called that by a friend smile

CherryChoc Wed 04-Feb-09 18:00:05

It reminds me of Theo Paphitis - but I think I spend too much time watching reruns of Dragons Den on Dave!

There was a boy at my primary school who had a brother called Theo, I liked it then. He would have been born... um... 1990 ish?

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 04-Feb-09 17:55:30

grin !

RiaParkinson Wed 04-Feb-09 17:19:40

great minds Maryannsingleton!

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 04-Feb-09 13:33:22

my Theo was 1997 ! still the only one in his primary and secondary school,though there is a Theodore - but his name is never shortened.

Katonahottinroof Wed 04-Feb-09 00:05:39

I think it's lovely.

Theo William
Theo James
Theo Patrick

RiaParkinson Tue 03-Feb-09 21:40:43

my theodore 1996 got there before the crowds!

MrsSeanBean Tue 03-Feb-09 21:39:25

I love Theo. I see it as a short form of Theophilus. Theo(philus) Henry James is nice.

NorkyButNice Tue 03-Feb-09 21:37:30

DS is Theo Adam (not Theodore).

It is climbing the popularity charts but still isn't in the top 50, so there aren't all that many - depends what circles you mix in I suppose.

There aren't any others at DS's very large nursery, nor amongst our circle of toddler acquaintances.

CandleQueen Tue 03-Feb-09 21:35:31

DS2 was going to be Theo as a "Birth Certificate" name because I wanted to call him Teddy. But when he was born he was too much of a big bruiser to be a Teddy. So he's called Dewi Henry Theo.

Mutt Tue 03-Feb-09 21:34:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eekamoose Tue 03-Feb-09 21:33:00

Oh its a lovely name. It would have been dd's name (born 2001) had she been a boy.

BUT by the time we did have a DS (2003) we decided against Theo because they were springing up everywhere.

Its a lovely name, but there are lots of them about nowadays ime.

(Speaking as one whose girl and a boy both have names currently in the top 2 or 3 most "common" names in the UK. Sigh.)

RiaParkinson Tue 03-Feb-09 21:23:48


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