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Arwen / Eowyn?

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MrsY Tue 27-Jan-09 22:49:42

We both like both these names, but do they scream Lord of the Rings obsessed parents? We're not, but like the semi-celtic vibe, and don't want people to think we chose them because of the books/films (especially as my husband does the LotR warhammer stuff from Games Workshop...

dizzydixies Tue 27-Jan-09 22:50:55

DD1 was right down to either her name or Arwyn when she was born and we decided to wait until she arrived before we names her

was a close call though and I have to admit I still love it smile

wrinklytum Tue 27-Jan-09 22:53:54

My immediate thought was LOTR sorry

What about Owen?

I love the welsh Ioan for a boy,also.

(I love Aneurin but feel you could only get away with it if Welsh)

dizzydixies Tue 27-Jan-09 22:55:28

from memory I think it means MUSE which I always thought was nice too smile

wrinklytum Tue 27-Jan-09 22:55:34

My name is quite LOTRISH btw It is unisex.Think Riders of and you have it

MrsY Tue 27-Jan-09 22:57:03

Are they not all boys names wrinklytum 'Cos she's definitely a she!

MrsY Tue 27-Jan-09 22:58:51

I didn't know the meaning, dizzy - that's lovely.

And wrinklytum we both like that too. I worked in a nursery with a boy called that, and his sister was Ellwyn...

pixiemoon Tue 27-Jan-09 22:58:51

My understanding is

Arwen = real name, Welsh, have known quite a few Arwens/Arwyns (female/male versions)

Eowyn = made up by Tolkien, pretty, but would be named after LOTR. Not all bad, I know a Rohan named after LOTR!

moondog Tue 27-Jan-09 22:59:05

MrsY,that is exactly what people will tihnk.

wrinklytum Tue 27-Jan-09 22:59:28

Ah,yes,sorry,have had wine!!!!!blush

dizzydixies Tue 27-Jan-09 23:00:19

are you welsh or looking for a welsh name as there is a thread full of them


MrsY Tue 27-Jan-09 23:00:51

No probs!

mileniwmffalcon Tue 27-Jan-09 23:01:06

how about anwen?

dizzydixies Tue 27-Jan-09 23:01:58

Anwen nice too

mileniwmffalcon Tue 27-Jan-09 23:03:24

just make sure you pronounce it -wEn and not wYn

dizzydixies Tue 27-Jan-09 23:05:58

my DD3 is called Dylan, a tad unusual for a girl we know but she really suits it and she is a gorgeous girl (even if I'm biased!)

annasmami Wed 28-Jan-09 10:23:13

I like Arwen!

Don't mind Eowyn, but will be hard to pronounce for some (especially non English speakers).

Tortington Wed 28-Jan-09 10:29:23

screams "i have weirdo parents"

and actually means that your daughter will do her best to be anything but out of the ordinary and will only wear grey in adult life and be an accountant

mejon Wed 28-Jan-09 12:02:55

Arwen is nice but Eowyn is difficult for even a native Welsh speaker to pronounce (well this one at least!). I've not read any Tolkein so don't get the LOTR connections but it does sound like a made-up name (I may be wrong though).

bronze Wed 28-Jan-09 13:00:03

Wen is female!!!

LaDiDaDi Wed 28-Jan-09 13:39:38

I like Arwen.

kittybrown Wed 28-Jan-09 14:16:31

I went to school with an Eowyn. I always thought it was a beautiful name. I never got further than chapter 3 in the first book of LOTR and wouldn't have known where it came from if I hadn't of known her.

PadDad Thu 29-Jan-09 07:23:55

Good names.

No-on will ever think they are not named after LOTR.

These books/films are just increasing in popularity, so everyone will know those names and where they come from.

And many people are snide about LOTR.

bloss Thu 29-Jan-09 07:47:05

Message withdrawn

Lovely names BUT..... they do scream LOTR to me....

Kind of reminds me of my LOTR obsessed keen ex boyf who has called his son Rohan.... Cant help thinking that's the reason! grin

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