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honerajules Sun 25-Jan-09 23:12:10

For a ds what do you think?
Is this popular at the moment as I want something unique.

Tortington Sun 25-Jan-09 23:12:42

sounds like the head of the east end mafia

Heated Sun 25-Jan-09 23:30:40

Was reading a school magazine yesterday that had two Carters (secondary school pupils), I enjoyed reading it because of the sheer number of 'distinctive names' including Asia-Jade, Colton, Sher-Vaughn and Tyfannie and I have a feeling Carter could well be grouped in with them. Sorry.

plonker Sun 25-Jan-09 23:35:54

I think its awful. JMO obv.

Tinker Sun 25-Jan-09 23:39:54

No, it's not popular because it's a job-title and not a baby's name

BlackEyedDogstar Sun 25-Jan-09 23:40:01

oh I like this name but someone ran this thread a while ago and the conclusion was that Carter is Trying Too Hard.

You'll get no joy here honer smile

cece Sun 25-Jan-09 23:42:02

as in the ...the unstoppable sex machine!? er no...

saphron Mon 26-Jan-09 00:06:01

Jimmie - ex president?

Wonderstuff Mon 26-Jan-09 00:08:19

LOL cece that is exactly what I thought when I saw the thread - USM!! (we're showing our age no?)

NoNickname Mon 26-Jan-09 00:21:11

Wonderstuff - your NN gives away your age - and the Unstoppable Sex Machine is the first thinkg I thought of too.

minouminou Mon 26-Jan-09 00:25:30

we should chuck in a shamen and a james while we're at it!

twentypence Mon 26-Jan-09 00:27:08

I don't mind Carter - I have heard a lot worse.

NaturalBornThreadKiller Mon 26-Jan-09 00:35:04

james is cool,

shamen is not,

snice Mon 26-Jan-09 00:35:54

Carter USM for anyone over a certain age!

thumbwitch Mon 26-Jan-09 00:46:00

don't like it - reminds me of one of the Rude Mechanicals in a Midsummer Night's Dream.

expatinscotland Mon 26-Jan-09 00:50:00

is a surname. not a forename.

there's a haunted plantation in Virginia that is still owned by the Carter family. it's called Shirley Plantation.

i visited it once, some 26 years ago.

think plantations are just a nasty American, slave thing they dreamed up? well, you thought wrong.

your good ol' Tudor/Stewart King James I dreamed them and made 'em a reality in Ulster/Northern Ireland to keep those pesky Irish in check.

so don't name your kid after history like that.

KnickersOnMaHead Mon 26-Jan-09 01:18:33

Message withdrawn

mummythemousekiller Mon 26-Jan-09 01:20:07

not for me. to me it is a surname.

thumbwitch Mon 26-Jan-09 01:28:47

of course, when I say a Midsummer Night's Dream, what I really mean is Terry Pratchett's take on it in Lords and Ladies (I think).

LuLuBai Mon 26-Jan-09 16:44:38

My first thought was the unstoppable sex machine too. You never know, he might like that tag when he reaches a certain age.

Ashantai Mon 26-Jan-09 16:55:01

I dont think of it as a surname, its quite nice actually smile

Pinkmarshmallow Mon 26-Jan-09 18:55:48

To me, Carter is a surname and I don't like surnames used as first names. Sorry.

piximon Mon 26-Jan-09 19:09:06

I know a little boy called Carter, he's absolutely gorgeous and the only one with the name I've come across so far. I like it.

weepootleflump Mon 26-Jan-09 19:23:33

I think USM as well. There is a little boy Carter lives in my street- have never really liked it.

elderlyprimagravida Mon 26-Jan-09 19:25:27

As in "the unstoppable sex machine"?

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