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Odelie as middle name for Astrid. Come on, guys, ahhhh cayn hayyyndle eeet (Ray Winstone-style drawl.

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minouminou Sun 25-Jan-09 22:48:43

Yeah, so, whattya all think?
DP is stuck on Ilse, but I can see a lifetime of people thinking it's Isla, which will be irritating.

Littlefish Sun 25-Jan-09 22:51:12

Personally, I think one or the other, not both.

loler Sun 25-Jan-09 23:02:20

Middle names don't really get used so chose which ever one you like most - doesn't really matter.

The only time they are ever said by anyone apart from by the person themselves are birth announcement, graduation, wedding day, funeral. Can't think of anyother times so if 4 mispoun. matter to you then chose Odelie (though this could also be said wrongly).

Astrid's lovely though and will always be said correctly.

Northernlurker Sun 25-Jan-09 23:05:21

Astrid Odelie? It's a bit much imo.

Astrid Ilse sounds nice though - sorry I'm with your dp on that one.

pgwithnumber3 Sun 25-Jan-09 23:07:32

I know of a young Astrid, she really suits it. Do not like it with Odelie though, it sounds very pretentious.

Is Ilse pronounced like Isle?

minouminou Sun 25-Jan-09 23:09:53

Ilse is a good name, it's just that Isla is gaining popularity, and I can see it being confused a lot.
Ilse is actually the #1 choice for us atm, but I'm just casting around.

minouminou Sun 25-Jan-09 23:10:23

no, eel-seh

cat64 Sun 25-Jan-09 23:12:41

Message withdrawn

boccadellaverita Sun 25-Jan-09 23:12:52

Is Odelie a 'real' name (so to speak) or did you make it up?

I think Astrid Ilse works well.

minouminou Sun 25-Jan-09 23:14:55

Yeah, it's a real name - it's german and means wealth

Tortington Sun 25-Jan-09 23:16:48

its all very try hard.

Tinker Sun 25-Jan-09 23:17:15

Not sure that they scan. How do you pronounce Odelie? O d lee?

Tortington Sun 25-Jan-09 23:17:33

and either you have bags of confidence or something , becuase i would feel like a twat saying 'Astrid Odelie'

pgwithnumber3 Sun 25-Jan-09 23:19:13

PMSL at Custardo

minouminou Sun 25-Jan-09 23:20:40

It was one of my choices for a 1st name, but as i chose DS's 1st name, and DP chose his middle name, we're doing it the other way round this time

minouminou Sun 25-Jan-09 23:39:36

Ursula's bitten the dust, btw, as that was another contender (had a thread a few weeks back). It just kinda.....died a peaceful death.
Got at least 10 weeks to go (she may be out a couple of weeks early) so something else might spring to long as it doesn't start with "e", as then she'll be Astride....and the jokes would soon wear thin (probably).

pgwithnumber3 Sun 25-Jan-09 23:41:37

minou - I am the queen of baby girl threads on here, believe me, 10 weeks is a long time to change your mind. wink

Mummyfor3 Sun 25-Jan-09 23:44:44

I knew an Anstrid who had a hellish time being teased for having a name that could be pronounced "astride" IYNWIM. Aren't teenagers lovely creatures.
I love Odelie, though!

minouminou Sun 25-Jan-09 23:45:08

well, it's a bugger, this, because i had DS' name picked out in 1992 (and no, I jest not).
DP has picked astrid, and I like it, but it doesn't have the visceral "It MUST be this name" feel that i had for DS, and the middle name is proving a right pain.
I shall no doubt be on here next week with another belter

minouminou Sun 25-Jan-09 23:47:14

see, mummyfor3, i really like it too, but it's like littlefish said - one or the other, and it's DP's turn this time.......

BabyBaby123 Mon 26-Jan-09 10:19:24

sorry, i think they are awful together.

Lotster Mon 26-Jan-09 11:12:56

They are pretty individually, I like both names.

When I try saying them together I sound like Ned Flanders ("Howdydoodelly Neighbour!") though grin perhaps I'm saying Odelie wrong?

minouminou Mon 26-Jan-09 13:56:12

Hah! That just made me laugh, Lotster! Anyway, Odelie is now off the table - they are both great names, but you just can't shoehorn them into the same birth certificate.
Sigh....back to the drawing board..........

Fimbo Mon 26-Jan-09 13:59:52

Sounds too much like a yodel - Odelie Odelay.

Glad to see you have withdrawn from it.


GossipMonger Mon 26-Jan-09 14:01:31

Astrid Elsa sounds nicer

Dont know that I can actually say Ilse as it is supposed to be!

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